Massive Linear Story Driven Video Games Coming In 2018

Recently The closer of Visceral Studios raised some questions against Story Driver games and possibly how they are dying. It was complete utter bullcrap and I don’t know why people even bothered to think or comment about that. Like whatever bad stuff happens to games I am certain that Story driven games would not end what so ever. 2017 proved that Linear games are still in business and they will be for a long long time. 2018 is coming and people are already speculating that 2018 will be a far better than 2017 when it comes to gaming. We made a video of the best linear story games that are coming in 2018. Hope you guys enjoy!




Click This to see the games shown in the video (You should watch video first to get the full experience)

1. Detroit Become Human
2. A Way Out
3. Vampyr
4. Metro Exodus
5. Ori and the will of wisps
6. The Wolf Among Us Season 2
7. God Of War (2018)




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#Massive Linear Story Driven Video Games Coming In 2018