Dear Destiny 2 Players: Just Stop P(l)aying

I’ll admit, I wasn’t a fan of the original Destiny. I bought it launch weekend with my first shiny check from Target, and even with a 15% discount I still feel disappointed I wasted my money on it. But I can see why people would like it, and was even cautiously optimistic when the second game was announced, particularly when I heard it was coming to PC. As time went on though, it became clear there were some problems with the game. My first warning signs being when a couple of friends of mine who were super into the first one – and were so hyped for Destiny 2 that they sent out completely serious warnings that they planned to disappear from playing other games for a few weeks – were done with the game within a week. To the point they didn’t even bother with the DLC when it came out.

Destiny 2 has had its fair share of lootbox shenanigans, but has mostly flown under the radar. Changing the loot system to a lootbox (sorry, “Bright Engrams”) based economy, and changing Shaders from permanent unlockables to one use consumables raised red flags for many at launch, and time has not proven those feelings wrong. From outright lying to players about their experience gain to further diluting the loot(box) pool with the Curse of Osiris DLC, Activision and Bungie’s greed has been clearly on display the whole while. While not as nakedly, brazenly avaricious as EA with Battlefront II, Destiny 2’s system is in many ways just as harmful. Particularly now with the new winter DLC “The Dawning” not just adding new cosmetic and gameplay changing items to the game, and not only locking them behind lootboxes…but unlike practically every other seasonal lootbox out there does not replace normal lootbox drops from quests and gameplay with them, instead making them almost mandatory store purchases if you want to get one without wanting to tear your hair out.

“Really? I marketed for this?”

Many on the sub-Reddit are annoyed by this event and burned out by the things the game’s companies have tried to pull already. The question I must ask is…why continue? The devs show you nothing but contempt, you’re clearly unhappy withe taste of the game, so why continue to invest yourself in it? Is it just because you’ve already invested so much time and money into the game it feels like you shouldn’t let it go? If so, read this. It’s just not worth it, and it doesn’t make any sense. Do you feel you can change the game by making your feelings known? I sympathize, but does Bungie’s (much less Activision’s) level of transparency and community engagement really lead you to expect your voice will matter in the long term? The best thing you can do to make yourself heard is vote with your wallet and time: Stop playing, stop paying, and just move on from Destiny 2. If the game’s player numbers (and profits) plummet they may even get the point and fix it. But as long as you’re still stuck in the loop (and this goes for any game), nothing will change.

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#Dear Destiny 2 Players: Just Stop P(l)aying