5 Modern Local Multiplayer Video Games That Everyone Should Play At least Once

The Days of glory! Local Multiplayer is not so popular now. Online gaming has already taken over the Local Multiplayer whether that’s good or not this a true fact that Online gaming is the reason we saw the downfall of Local Multiplayer. I personally play a lot of online games but in the end, I think local couch gaming is still the best. There is just something special about playing with your friends that are actually sitting next beside you. Some developers took the risk and implemented Local Multiplayer games and I am really happy that they took the risk. Today I am counting down 5 best Modern Local Multiplayer games that everyone should play at least once


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With the exception of some very occasional control frustrations, Super Mario Odyssey is a visual, auditory, and structural treat to play from start to finish for anyone at any skill level, and seems to delight in the player’s enjoyment. You will be hard-pressed to stop yourself from visiting the Odyssey over and over again. – App Trigger
A true masterpiece, that brings perfect balance in difficulty, learning and exploration. Super Mario Odyssey pays homage to the whole saga, and the fun is never-ending thanks to the beautiful crafting of levels, full of secrets and challenges. – Hobby Consolas
There are so many new elements in Super Mario Odyssey, but in the end what actually strikes us is its ability to be fun in the usual elegant, essential and inevitable Mario way. If you want to run, jump, discover, fly… and keep on doing these (and more) things for hours and hours, Super Mario Odyssey is the game for you. – IGN Italia


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The unrivaled amount of single-player content to explore, especially the highlight Multiverse mode, and the height of Injustice 2’s skill ceiling make it an easy environment in which to lose hours of your day without ever even challenging another human… or giant telekinetic gorilla, as it were. – IGN
This is the first fighting game I’ve recommended to my non-fighting game friends in a long time. Whether you just like the idea of a DC superhero punch party, enjoy RPGish gear hooks, or have been looking for an approachable way into fighting games, Injustice 2 has you covered. – Destructoid
Injustice 2 is a great sequel for Gods Among Us. NetherRealm Studios took a pretty safe road with this title in terms of gameplay mechanics, but the little changes they made work perfectly. A great story, good loot box system and a solid multiplayer, make this experience worthwhile. – Atomix


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Arms is a zany fighter that delivers excitement and fun at every turn. While I wish there was more to do, what is included in the package is worthwhile. If you’re looking for a fresh and exciting experience to play on your Switch, Arms is worth a look. – Game Informer
It’s difficult to describe just how good ARMS is. The best analogy I can come up with is that it is to fighting games what Splatoon is to third-person shooters. ARMS is a bright, colorful, and welcoming game. Newcomers can easily hop in and enjoy most of the matches and modes available. Meanwhile, the more dedicated will find themselves developing complex strategies based on characters and ARMS loadouts and captivated by the opportunities to challenge others online. – Cheat Code Central
Arms’ clever take on boxing provides a simple premise with a startling amount of depth for those who would seek to master the stretching appendages. Its rapidly evolving lobby system had me sticking around for “just one more match.” There may not be a lot worth unlocking right now, but planned free updates may just give Arms some additional legs. – IGN



TowerFall Ascension’s blend of competitiveness and customization provides you with endless ways to have an incredible time. Just remember to bring some friends along for the ride. – GamesRadar+
Still, I’d only recommend buying it if you happen to have a second PS4 controller lying around — it’s just that designed for local multiplayer. Then again, if you’re looking for a game that single-handedly justifies the purchase of a second controller, Towerfall: Ascension is probably it. – Gaming Age
TowerFall Ascension is a game in the purest form of the word. Easy to learn, hard to master. Everyone can jump in and everyone can enjoy themselves. – InsideGamer.nl


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Aside from a few minor presentation and performance niggles, Overcooked is a wonderfully executed game, and is one of the best co-operative experiences in recent years. The simplicity of the controls and gameplay make it extremely accessible, while there is still plenty of challenge in the later, crazier kitchens. – Push Square
Overcooked contains all the necessary ingredients for a truly excellent co-op game. – GameSpot
Aside from from the local-only consideration and some inconsistencies with the scoring criteria and stage layouts, man, what a game. Overcooked is the best co-op experience I’ve had in recent memory, and despite going back through to fully clear every level, I wish there were more. Don’t overlook it. – Destructoid
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#5 Modern Local Multiplayer Video Games That Everyone Should Play At least Once