10 Worst Nintendo Switch Games of 2017

Nintendo Switch is a huge success for Nintendo. It’s truly an amazing gaming console that created competition of its own. It was never meant to compete with Xbox One and PS4 and it still isn’t. One thing that made Switch such a huge success is games and amazing third party support. With games like Breath Of The Wild And Super Mario Odyssey, it is already proven that Nintendo has one of the best First-Party Line-ups. But everything is not perfect and thus come some really horrible games that were released in 2017 for Switch. We are counting down these 10 worst Switch games that you guys should avoid.


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I don’t like using this word much, but Vaccine seems like a cynical cash grab. A game that is designed to cash in on the nostalgia of games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, while mixing together elements from today’s school of game design with disappointing results. The presentation feels okay, but the art and style of the game feel awfully run-of-the-mill and generic. Vaccine is tone-deaf to the games it’s trying to emulate and misses the mark in almost every department. – Vooks
Vaccine starts off from an interesting idea and the similarities to the original Resident Evil may raise expectations but unfortunately its concept was not rightly put into place and the result is a game that is built on what’s negative – the controls, its very outdated graphics and complete lack of variety – and barely touches what’s positive, as its idea gets easily sidelined by its more negative aspects. – FNintendo
Vaccine isn’t a title I’d recommend even to the most fervent survival horror fans. There just isn’t enough variation to continue playing death after death. Stay away from this one. – NintendoWorldReport


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Sonic Forces creators’ good intentions and interesting ideas don’t amount to much in a game so clumsy and limited in design. It certainly doesn’t help that Forces follows right on the heels of Sonic Mania, a game that not only demonstrated a more focused design sensibility but also did a far better job of realizing its creators’ ambitions. Forces may have had a larger budget than Mania, but it feels like the poorer creation all around. Unless your dearest dream has always been to play a Sonic game as your own original fan art character, Sonic Forces doesn’t have much to offer. – Polygon
Sonic Forces ultimately fails to advance the mechanics of previously successful 3D Sonic games, or present them in their best light. A mediocre platformer at best, Sonic Forces manages to do nothing more than reinforce long held stereotypes against Sega’s beloved blue blur. – GameSpot
Sonic Forces returns with the same issues we felt in past entries in the series. Badly executed, as well as the uninspired level design. Mediocre overall, Forces is again a non remarkable title, but for sure will be enough for older fans. – Meristation


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There are some titles that have high replay value despite their simplicity, but Flip Wars is not one of them, as this is nothing but a simple mini-game turned full game. In other words, while this is definitely cheaper, better save that pizza money for Splatoon 2… or pizza.
Sure the price is cheap and for a few minutes most might be entertained but the level of repetition, dull gameplay, and boring visuals do nothing to make players want to continue the Flip Wars, and it’s ultimately a failure in almost every sense. The game works and doesn’t seem to have any huge issues, but that’s about the best I can say. – ZTGD


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I derived no enjoyment from playing the broken Troll and I, or in writing this review. Do not buy this game in favour of the many wonderful Switch eShop titles on offer representing a significantly better return on time and monetary investment. – Vooks
For every intriguing idea that Troll and I presents, there are a couple of design choices or technical issues that will aggravate players. It’s ugly, clunky and bereft of certain amenities that players take for granted in this day and age. With so many games out to garner people’s attention, Troll and I isn’t as user friendly or quickly appealing as it needs to be in a flooded space. If you are someone who can look past technical hurdles there may be something worth divining here, but as a whole Troll and I is difficult to recommend. – Nintendo Life
Possibly the worst game to grace the Nintendo Switch, Troll and I really is something that you will want to stay away from. If you are daft enough to spend full price on this, then I simply have no sympathy for you. It’s a shame, as the premise could have made for fun – if everything else in this game wasn’t so god damned awful! – Switch Player


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It’s Othello, a board game and it can provide a little competitive multiplayer for you and your friends. It’s certainly cheap, but I seriously doubt it’s something you thought you’d want to buy a Switch for. – Switch Player
Othello for Nintendo Switch is a digital version of the long-running board game also known as Reversi and is entirely faithful to the original, in the sense that it is simple to learn and perfectly enjoyable for short gaming sessions. While technically competent and without any execution problems, it lacks a sorely needed online multiplayer component, without which its selling price seems way too high for a game that can be easily and legally found for free elsewhere. – FNintendo
Othello is a classic board game that holds up well after all these years. However, this version is so bare-bones that you may as well pick up an 8-bit iteration as it’ll probably be more fully-featured. –  Video Chums


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Both the campaign and the online multiplayer are nice additions to the franchise, but they can be frustrating. Especially the online multiplayer feels incomplete, but thankfully the local multiplayer makes up for that. – InsideGamer.nl
It’s just that for this kind of price I’ve come to expect more than a pretty version of the same Bomberman we’ve played for decades and a single player mode bereft of new ideas that feels more like a slog than a joy. – Vooks
Despite some flaws and a clear focus on multiplayer, Super Bomberman R is a good return to the roots of the franchise. Short on single player but endless fun with friends. – Multiplayer.it


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Shephy is a goofy, short, single-player card game that is quite entertaining for its genre. It doesn’t stand out graphically nor musically, but maybe a cheap option to spend your time with. – Switch Player
Shephy has a lot of promise, but ultimately lets itself down by unbalanced decks and somewhat messy rules. – Pocket Gamer UK
The music is repetitive and worse than what you’d hear on an elevator, and the randomness of the difficulty just isn’t fun, at all. You could even say it’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. – Destructoid



Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical is a great idea on paper; the combat-based rhythm action is a nice change to the norm of the genre but is never pulled off to its full potential. There are fleeting, promising moments – the game’s art is as attractive as the series has always been and some sections of music flow along with your button presses in a very tight, satisfying way, but ultimately when judged against other rhythm action games it falls short. We’re not saying this is a bad game, it’s just rather underwhelming, and with other stronger rhythm action games already available on Nintendo Switch – such as VOEZ – this feels like a game that might appeal more to the fans of the series rather than the genre. – Nintendo Life
As a huge fan of all things Dark Witch, Music Episode: Rudymical is a big disappointment. Its simplistic gameplay makes it feel like a half-baked mini-game which is a giant step back from the fully-featured games in the main series. – Video Chums


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New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers doesn’t venture into uncharted lands from the construction and simulation game territory, yet it’s a pastoral, simple and efficient introduction to the genre, although such lack of ambition shows limitations sooner rather than later, whether because of the repetitiveness or the absence of multiplayer. – Gameblog.fr
New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers features a gameplay loop that’s quite entertaining, and it’s definitely one of those pleasurable, time-consuming style titles. I cannot suggest it if you’re not fond of the town-building simulation genre though, as it is not as nice to see as it is to play. – Switch Player
There are not enough building options, it lacks content in general and it is not very pretty. – 4Players.de


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This is not the Nindie you’re looking for. Stay away from this. The visuals are reminiscent of the N64 era and there is hardly any game to be found. I guess for every Yin like the excellent Voez there has to be a Yang like this so the world stays in order. – 4Players.de
An absolute travesty of an experience that should never have been allowed onto the eShop in the first place. – Pocket Gamer UK
Vroom is the worst of the first Nintendo switch titles. An uninspired racing game (in which we control flying motorcycles) with poor graphics, hideous sound effects and boring gameplay. – Hobby Consolas
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