One Of The Most Elegant Looking iPhone Case You Should Get Right Now

The iPhone is probably the most popular phone in the world.  Being the world’s most popular and successful phone, you’re going to come with a lot of optional accessories. The one thing everybody owns their phones right now are phone cases.  Why would anyone not want a case for their phone? Smartphones now cost a ton of money, even by today’s standards, especially regarding the frequency at which we purchase them. If by accident, you did drop your sub-1000 dollar smartphone then it will probably cost you more than $200 to repair it. 


When it comes to picking iPhone cases, you have tons of options to choose from.  I could go on all day showing you the best cases available on the market right now.  But today I have a case that is different. I am talking about the case from Band & Roll. It goes by the name of “Slick“.

Do you remember back in the days we use to have cases like where you put the whole phone in? That’s exactly what Slick is. 

Let’s take a look at the background of the company before we get straight in Design.

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Besides its unforgettable appearance, this endearing sleeve guarantees a safe shelter.

Make a wonderful gift for your best half and his device or acquire and use in pleasure. Without programmed obsolescence. Beyond routine.

Designers. Creative minds. Family.

In band&roll three of our passions have merged – a love for each other, an interest in design, and an eternal desire to work with own hands.

Thanks to the casual encounter, we found each other, became a family, created a job we relish, and which we want to do our whole life. We put our love, strength, and dreams in it. All of this has inspired us to create that first pouch, from which the story of band&roll began.

Long way of seeking

Creating the first case for ourselves, we took the process seriously. It was hard to find honest family-run artisans of full grain leather, and natural wool felt and even tougher to master the skill of leather craft. Not once we had to remake the case to understand the secret of an ideally round shape and incredibly comfortable fit.

The result surpassed all our expectations. This process seized us so much; we simply could not stop.

Miracles happen every day.

In a busy world full of faceless products, most of which are manufactured in large factories where a single product is assembled by several workers performing specified instructions… band&roll is the world in which two enthusiasts and nerds unite to hone their skills to perfection; products are crafted to last lifetime, and sustainable materials are sourced from small European family-run businesses with processing techniques inherited for generations. It is the world where people barter their skills without exploiting others for their work. Ours is the life of traditional craftsmanship – and this is the world we value.

Too many people today know the price of everything but not the value.

Since each step of product development goes through our hands, we can offer a fair price for the quality of comparable premium and even luxury brands. All band&roll goods make an excellent gift and save your hard-earned cash. That way, you can spend more time enjoying your journey, rather than stressing about it.

Buy less but better, for a good cause.

We want you to be aware that with every product you buy from us, you shoulder a family-run business, create better living conditions for our furry friends around the globe and give us the chance to survive. Your help makes our hearts beat and fills them with happiness and inspiration.


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The build quality and design of the case is absolutely amazing. The leather finish makes it look and feels premium and sophisticated. The aesthetics of this case are largely unique because it does not the follow the same path that every other phone case is following now. 


Band & Roll tried to do something new and they totally nailed it. The case has lines and fine stitching for a masculine look. 

Overall look and feel of the case are of premium quality and minimalist design. Minimalism and premium are two words that do not go together very well.  This is because I have seen a lot of companies hiding behind the tag “Minimalism” to show how simple and functional their products are.  But in reality, by using the world “Minimalism”, they cut down on that premium feeling.  Consequently, the product looks and feels really cheap and bland.


Minimalism is not all about making thing simple. It’s about making things aesthetically beautiful and reducing or entirely eliminating bad and/or needless design elements. And that is exactly what Band & Roll did with their phone case.

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In the end, I say you SHOULD definitely get this case, provided you are a fan of leather goods with a simple design. I would warn you to NOT buy this case if you are looking forward to extreme durability. Sure, it is tough and can save your phone from a few scary drops, but it’s not meant to do that. You should put this case on while you are at a party or a meeting, as those are the places it will shine the most. 

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#One Of The Most Elegant Looking iPhone Case You Should Get Right Now