Groudon’s early arrival and what it could mean for the future of Pokemon Go

Anyone who plays Pokémon knows that the third generation was released this past week but would many may not have known was that Niantic surprised us by releasing the legendary Pokémon Groudon is a level five raid boss today. Groudon is the first legendary Pokémon to have the ground type and was introduced into the Pokémon universe in Pokémon Ruby. Groudon will have many counters for trainers to use against it in raid battles but water types will definitely dominate the field as Groudon is 4x weak to water type Pokémon.

My philosophy is that the reason Niantic has decided to thrust this Pokémon into the fray so soon with its accompanying generation just being released, is because they plan on getting out all three of the legendary Pokémon from this generation so that they can set the stage for player versus player battling in early 2018.

Niantic informed the community back in October that they were planning to roll out their new battle system in 2018 so it only seems right that they allow trainers to have access to all of the Pokémon in the game before they do so.

Do you think that Niantic could possibly be preparing to roll out the new battle system that they have been working on? Or do you think that they are just trying to keep the ball rolling with monthly legendary Pokémon releases. 

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