Star Wars Battlefront II – Just Your Everyday Octakill

it’s not every day that you kill almost half the enemy team in 3 seconds.  I knew that certain players are prone to clumping up a lot in the game, so I guess I took advantage of it.  For those who don’t know, despite Battlefront 2 formerly being a pay-to-win game, the gameplay skill gap is actually quite substantial.  That being said, at this point in time, it may be worth it to purchase this game for the excellent graphics and gameplay.  It’s quite a blast when you get an octa-kill in any game, but it’s surprisingly enjoyable to get one in this game.  Maybe it’s the sounds you get when you get a kill, or the absurd amount of points you eventually earn, I don’t really know.  But if you want to keep watching more of this gameplay, stay tuned, because it’s not stopping anytime soon.  Thanks for watching.
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Disclaimer – I am aware that I am playing a game that was made with monetary gain as the nearly sole purpose of making the game.  But, the game has very high-quality gameplay and a wide skill gap that I am currently resting very high on because of my skill as a player.  Therefore, it is very fun to play the game and I feel that I’m releasing high-quality content because of it.  But I’ll say this:  I will never directly support pay to win.  If EA brings back then Microtransactions, I and my friends will never spend a cent on them and we will condemn anyone else who does.  We all bought the basic edition of the game that cost the least amount of money and had the least amount of pay to win.  We bought the game because we want to have fun and release quality gameplay, but we will never give EA any more money regarding Battlefront 2.  My friends and I condemn the existence of pay to win loot boxes and will never feed the toxic system that is pay to win.  That being said, we are simply playing the base game, nothing more.  If you have any questions or criticism, please present them in a reasoned tone in the comments section, with evidence if it is called for.  Thank you.

#Star Wars Battlefront II – Just Your Everyday Octakill