6 Video Games With So Much Potential That Failed Badly

Video games are meant to be fun and enjoyable. Like Reggie said if the game is not then why bother? There are some games that are created with unique ideas and innovative mechanics that differentiate them from others. But some games have great potential that can truly the change the way we play games but due to some problems they just don’t succeed. And today we are counting games that had so much potential but failed immensely.



With a focus mainly on story, cinematics, directing and technical implementation, The Order 1886 leaves you with a sense of hunger and a feeling that you spent your money only to get a short portion of this stunning spectacle. – Eurogamer Poland
We had approached the title with very low expectations, but seeing it break up our initial preconceptions just before falling miserably due to a horrible ending, a limited duration and some choices of game design that are anything that brilliant, it was very painful. – SpazioGames
The Order: 1886 is a great game, as long as you treat it as a mindless shooter and not the bevy of innovation we were all led to believe it was. Graphically appealing, the title shows us once again, we should not judge a book by its cover. – Attack of the Fanboy


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For most casual players I would steer them towards their local video store, but for fans of this genre I would most likely tell them to pick up and buy this game. – Da Gameboyz
While the game has some problems, the good often cancels out the bad and action fans will no doubt enjoy the immense amount of destruction the game will throw at you. – Gamer 2.0
Too Human turns itself too quickly into an entertainment of fast, reiterative and excessively easy consumption, but it also counts with some elements that save it from forgetfulness. Good music, simple action, pleasant treatment and a good personalisation of weapons and objects are among its virtues. However, other components such as the argument or the role part, designed to give the game its own personal touch, fail resoundingly. – 3DJuegos


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Hellgate’s done itself a disservice, because it’s hidden some decent fun underneath a dated, linear and difficult-to-love veneer. – PC Zone UK
Hellgate: London is filled with gorgeous artwork and dripping with atmosphere; it’s got a delicious sense of humour and finely tuned combat systems that will be keeping action RPG nuts happy for a long time. Despite this, we’ve got vast reservations about key aspects of the game; the randomly generated levels feel increasingly hollow, pointless and gimmicky as you progress, the user interface is clunky in some important areas, and there are clearly some hefty bugs here that need patching. – Eurogamer
The game controls easily on the movement front, but breaking in action to press a random button can cause some frustration. – GameZone


This is a game that left a lot to be desired. It’s a mixed bag of good and bad, with the good being the graphics and basic controls and the bad being everything having to do with the Kinect controls. I know that developers want to utilize the Kinect, but it really should be limited to optional usage in a game like this. – Gaming Nexus
In spite of or maybe even because of some of the gameplay barriers, I will remember my experience with it forever. I love it, I hate it and I love hating it. – Eurogamer Germany
If From would have nailed the motion controls down, this would have been one of my favorite games of the year because it’s so engaging and fresh. Unfortunately, dealing with the sketchy controls can be wildly frustrating. – Digital Chumps


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Without a workable control scheme (standard analog movement is not an option), I fear most people will find themselves flustered beyond belief with the game like I was. – Game Informer
Once you’ve got the controls down, you’ll find an enjoyable action game out of Lair. For the most part, the game is visually appealing and striking in most cases, but it’s not without its faults. – PSX Extreme
Ultimately, Lair is a game of two halves, one half is highly detailed with an imposing soundtrack that engulfs the player into the story (if you’re a fan of mediaeval fantasy). The other half is full of predictable, repetitive missions that suffer from the control mechanism being too tricky to use in tight situations. – Play.tm



Hardcore fans like me… will, of course, soldier along with the game and hope for the best and hope that tweaks to the game will make it better. It has some playing value, though you really have to push yourself to those points of the game. I like the game…it’s just a hard sell really, a love-hate kind of thing of a big fan of the franchise….Nagging in the back of my brain is the thought that in this game, no one can hear you scream, and there will be no rescue ship sent. – Impulsegamer
It’s a very generic shooter, which seems to be one of the games we saw at the beginning at the generation or the end of the previous one. Certainly disappointing, there’s a game here with several technical issues that still manages to be moderately fun. – Vandal
Colonial Marines comes off as too much fan service with few (if any) ideas of its own. It provides a tired narrative with an unsatisfactory conclusion that opens more questions than it attempts to answer. – GamesBeat
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#6 Video Games With So Much Potential That Failed Badly