Re: Net Neutrality

This isn’t technically gaming related but it is gaming adjacent, let’s say, so I want to talk about it. For those that have been under a rock, yesterday (December 14th, 2017) the FCC voted 3-2 to revoke the current rulings keeping Net Neutrality in place by taking away their Title II classification. This prevents them from falling under the same pseudo-utility rules as phone services (as they have for the past two years) and allows internet service providers free reign to do how they please with their businesses. Make no mistake, this is a bad thing on every level. This is not good for consumers, who in the coming months may (read: are likely to) have to deal with higher premiums and gated access to much of the internet’s content, with no recourse as most places have no competition the way ISPs have developed mafia-like territorial agreements. This is not good for most businesses, who can essentially be held hostage to the whims of various ISPs depending on which “territory” they fall into, which will likely doubly screw the consumer as cost of online purchases rise to meet the new demands placed on them to prevent traffic from being throttled on their site. It is not good for innovators or new services attempting to break into the market to compete with more established businesses, who are more able to absorb any new costs. It’s not good for gamers, with most games being purchased online or requiring online connectivity (either by being multiplayer-driven or through unnecessary DRM services like Denuvo).


But you know this already. You’ve heard it all, and have probably acted on it as much as you are capable. The last figures coming in were 98.5% of calls, e-mails, or other avenues of contact to the FCC and Congress were from people opposed to this vote. This is not a partisan issue, it is something the vast majority of internet users agree on. So you’re probably tired of hearing about it. I get that. I’m tired of hearing about it and discussing it myself. On top of everything else going on in the world you have this cancer that just cannot be excised no matter how hard people try. It’s depressing that this happened…but the fight’s not over yet. There’s a silver lining to this, that there’s still time to act. The motion can be slapped down in Congress still, and things are currently looking up in that regard. While the FCC chairs are not elected officials and are not beholden to voters, members of Congress are, and some on both sides of the political spectrum oppose this vote. The truth of politicians is, for better or worse, that they are primarily concerned with being re-elected. Putting the pressure on your Senators and Representatives to vote to repeal this act is something that can work if you make your displeasure known. Many seats are up for re-election next year and a large issue like this can have them sweating.

I don’t normally like to get too involved in political discussions. I write about fun little video game related stuff and other “fluff”. But I make my living online, through various means. More importantly I’ve started most of my most lasting relationships online. I know this is an issue that’s important to me, and I know it’s just as important to so many other people out there that I cou

ldon’t just let it pass by without trying to reach out to as many people as I’m able.

So, go here. Write your Congress members, call them if you’re able. This site makes it easy, there’s no excuse not to. They even provide you a script, though by all means speak from the heart where possible. Politicians ARE people too, they can be swayed by logic and emotion as much as anyone else, on top of any political pressure you can pile on them as well. This discussion isn’t over, and while it wouldn’t be the end of the world if it was, I feel the world WOULD be just a little bit darker, just a little less free, and we need every bit of light and freedom we can get right now.

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#Re: Net Neutrality