Destiny 2: If This is All Raid Lairs have to offer, you can keep it, Bungie.

The first raid lair for Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris expansion went live this past weekend and boy was it disappointing. So before I get into why this particular piece of content was so disappointing I will talk a little bit about the formula that was used in the first Destiny when Bungie released the first expansion back 2014. The first expansion for Destiny one was called The Dark Below and with it came a couple of new strikes, a little bit of an addition to the campaign, and a full raid.

destiny 2 raid

Now all longtime Destiny fans know that it’s pretty much a toss up with whether not Bungie will be releasing a raid when a new expansion comes out so I’m certain that I wasn’t the only one who let out a sigh of relief when Bungie announced that there would be new never before seen raid content being released in the form of a raid lair. Most of us who have been a part of the Destiny community for quite some time know to staple our expectations when it comes to Bungie releasing new content so that when we are disappointed the blow won’t hurt as much.


That method didn’t work for much of the community this time as Bungie released an extremely lackluster expansion with Curse of Osiris and the staple of this DLC, the raid lair, isn’t even challenging in the least bit! It honestly took my veteran fireteam if seasoned guardians about 20 minutes to make it from the beginning of the lair to the final boss fight and the journey to said boss was RIDICULOUSLY EASY! Not to mention that the boss fight itself is just “Meh” all around and it’s obvious that it’s the only aspect of the lair that the devs spent any significant amount of time working on.


I just don’t know who Bungie is making this game for anymore. It sucks for both the casual and hardcore audiences without showing any signs of improvement. Now the masterworks system was released today (amongst other things with the December 12 update) and might reintroduce some of the grind back into the game but as for right now, Destiny 2 is on a slippery slope to failure and with each update Bungie is seeming to forget more and more what things made this franchise such a lovable driving force in the video game industry in the first place.

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#Destiny 2: If This is All Raid Lairs have to offer, you can keep it, Bungie.