11 Amazing Huge Open World Video Games Of 2017

Just when Open World video games started to feel boring and repetitive 2017 came in and saved the genre once again!

2017 is if not one of the best years in gaming. Especially for Open World games. Some franchises got their huge deserved return while some newcomers came outta nowhere.

We are counting down 11 of the best open world games released in 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is Guerrilla Games’ best effort, one of the PS4’s greatest games, and the best game ever crafted from the ground up for the platform. It combines a gripping narrative with intense action that blends both fast-paced combat with slower-paced, tense stealth sections perfectly. Everything about their vision for this game clicks into place and is accentuated by a stellar presentation. The game features top-shelf graphical work, a unique and enjoyable soundtrack, alongside a fantastic cast to make an unforgettable experience. –  Game Over Online
Horizon Zero Dawn thrums with the energy of a creative team finally allowed to explore something new. It builds on elements of open-world and loot-and-craft gameplay that we’ve seen before, but it does so within a context, a setting and a style that feel fresh. Horizon Zero Dawn discovers a stronger sense of its own personality in one game than Killzone ever managed across half a dozen. Guerrilla Games has long been developing some of the most buzzed-about games in the industry; with Horizon, it feels like it has finally found its own voice, one worthy of all that buzz. – Polygon



A mixture of realistic hunting simulation and literal walking simulator with a fairly gentle introduction, The Hunter: Call of the Wild is certainly not a game for the impatient. It’s beautiful vistas and sedate pace make it a very chilled out experience for the most part, full of relaxing exploration, but to engage in the hunt itself is a tremendously time-consuming act. – Playstation Universe
It survives solely by being as believable as it can be, while not being entirely impenetrable to the average gamer who isn’t a master hunter. – PlayStation LifeStyle
 Best hunting game I have ever played on a console. I have played about 90% of all console hunting game going all the way back to PS1 era and this one is hands down the best. Finally a good hunting game. – BigDee1731


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If you could combine the story and memorable quests of the originals with the combat, visuals and scope of Andromeda, you would have the perfect video game, though I think what’s offered here will satisfy most. Despite its issues, Andromeda is welcome return to one of my favorite fictional universes, and I am still not ready to let Mass Effect go. I’m not sure I ever will be. – Forbes
Mass Effect: Andromeda is an amazing journey into a brand new universe. It has some issues, but the overall experience is worth your money. The game is huge, deep and with a great storytelling. It just needs a few hours for taking off. – Eurogamer Italy
Mass Effect: Andromeda is an unbalanced experience. It’s an incredibly ambitious game with a colossal scope, but it doesn’t always hit the right notes. – Hardcore Gamer


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Yakuza 0 shows how unique Yakuza actually is. Drama and humor come together in a setting filled with violent street fights. We all know the concept, but Yakuza 0 takes it to perfection. – InsideGamer.nl
If you’re a fan of the series, you’re going to want to play this–Yakuza 0 encapsulates the zaniness of Japanese culture with spectacular side missions, and is aided by it’s own satisfying combat and recreational activities. – God is a Geek
Yakuza 0 is a terrific game, packed with a simple structure but extremely rich in content. The campaign tells a long, deep, violent story, with two charismatic characters and a whole lot of enemies to fight. – Multiplayer.it



It’s quickly becoming my favorite first-person shooter of the year, thanks to its impressive landscape, captivating storyline and fully customizable characters. The short list of negatives pale in comparison its highlights. All and all, Ghost Recon: Wildlands delivers and should easily be a contender for 2017’s best first-person shooter, if not best game. It’s magnificent, unique, and certainly worth your time. – Cheat Code Central
Ghost Recon Wildlands is a fun romp in a huge world that allows you tackle each encounter in as tactical or non-tactical manner as you please. Your fellow players are what bring this game to life, so best not look at this as a single-player experience. – Gameplanet
Wildlands is a fun sandbox open-world shooter from Ubisoft Paris with a massive amount of content that is best experienced with other players in its seamless drop-in, drop-out four-player co-operative multiplayer mode. – Impulsegamer


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Platinum Games, with the help of Square Enix, has tapped into its innate ability to captivate us with combat while keeping the rest of the journey engaging. – Destructoid
Nier: Automata is a delectable buffet of remarkable experiences that seamlessly and beautifully mesh together. In spite its plethora of elements, the game doesn’t suffer from the sometimes inevitable pitfalls of trying to do too much. – PlayStation LifeStyle
You don’t really see games with the level of Polish that Nier: Automata has. The combat is smooth, the story is captivating, the world is alive and evolving, and it’s all backed up by an incredible soundtrack. The game does lack with its textures and can get repetitive at times, but even with those problems the game sets itself apart from most on the market today, and it’s one of the more original and enjoyable titles to play. – GamingTrend



Everything about this game outdoes the first, and with the expanded Nemesis System, superb combat, and epic story, you’ll be immersed for a long time. – God is a Geek
A sprawling action-filled epic adventure with a compelling story and a living, breathing world that creates real consequences for your actions and failures. Its post-game Shadow Wars content is understandably polarizing but that shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying the core experience. – Video Chums
Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is Lord of the Rings turned up to 11. Improving on nearly every idea from the original Shadow of Mordor game, it’s a gargantuan sequel in both size and scope. – Critical Hit



Assassin’s Creed: Origins delivers a robust experience that mixes up the traditional Assassin’s Creed formula in a way that’s fresh and fun to play—but which also harkens back to the series’ roots in some welcome ways, too. It marks an evolution fans might not have even known they were waiting for, delivering one of the best overall experiences we’ve seen yet from the series. – EGM
Assassin’s Creed Origins delivers at least 30 hours of gameplay if you stick to the story and enough of the side quests to help you level up along the way. There’s plenty in the game to keep you occupied well beyond that mark, and it’s a testament to the game’s design that the game world provides a legitimate and tempting distraction to what’s an intriguing and exciting story in its own right. Hopefully, origins is the origin of a new renaissance in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. – Gamers’ Temple
Assassin’s Creed Origins manages to breathe new life into an old franchise. By going back in time it has found a way to reinvent itself and move forward. The shift to a more action RPG style suits the game well, but the reduced emphasis on stealth may well upset some. – PlayStation Country


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Prey means deep space and deep gameplay. A huge space station hides thousands of game mechanics and dynamics ready to be explored by the solitary player. Its warfare is not infinite nor predestined but makes up part of a bigger picture, a bigger game, where gameplay means much more than gunplay. – IGN Italia
In the end, Prey ends up being much more than a mosaic: thanks to its narrative and to the mobility of a gameplay that constantly evolves over twenty hours of the main adventure, the game leaves a trace that ends up being unique.
Prey is a highly sophisticated game with respect to its gameplay, level design and narrative. Although its graphical and artificial intelligence problems are easy to notice, we’ve had a great sci-fi experience. – Atomix


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The most freeform Zelda yet, without sacrificing the charm, fun or quality you expect from the series. Nintendo’s finest work since Super Mario Galaxy. – GamesRadar+
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is not just the best game in the franchise, it also manages to reinvent the open world genre. This will be remembered as a masterpiece for years to come. – M3
The new Zelda game is so big and so full of everything that it’s impossible to write about all of that in a traditional review. Breath of the Wild is a true system seller, probably the best starting game in the history of gaming. Nintendo is back and if only this quality of game design is maintained, Switch will become THE console. No question. – GRYOnline.pl


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Super Mario Odyssey honors much of what makes other 3D Mario games great, plus it adds plenty of its own flavor to the Mario stew thanks to its capture mechanic. Mario Odyssey can keep you busy for hours and hours if you want it to, and you probably will. Outside of a few instances where the camera took on a mind of its own, I can’t think of a moment when I wasn’t enjoying myself while journeying with Mario and Cappy. – USgamer
Quibbles aside, Super Mario Odyssey is an absolute delight, and another Switch release that will have Nintendo fans debating which 3D Mario game is the best of them all. I still hang my hat on Super Mario Galaxy as the pinnacle of the series, but Odyssey and its wealth of gameplay styles and moons make it a close second. – Game Informer
As I’m sitting here writing this review, all I want to do is play more. Even after the credits, there’s still so much to see and do. From the tight platforming, to its cute and peculiar world, Super Mario Odyssey is a delight from start to finish. – NZGamer
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#11 Amazing Huge Open World Video Games Of 2017