The Most Luxury Watch Your Pocket Can Buy – Bólido Watch Review

Three weeks ago I bought an Apple Watch, the 42 mm variant.  I was looking to get the Apple Watch since it was shown at 2014 (WWDC). I was waiting for Apple to release a smartwatch and I still remember how many videos of unboxing I watched before finally buying it. But after three weeks of heavy usage, I think it may have been my most useless item purchase. Why? Because I thought I would get nearly all my stuff done with the watch itself. As a matter of fact, almost everything in the Apple watch is quite useless and empty. Sure, Apple Watch is still the best smartwatch available but it’s not the “WATCH” I needed in my life.

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Now, I am not a fan of smartwatches anymore.  But I am always looking for the watch that has good looks and durability, and luckily, this watch company called Bolido exists. ” They sent us their latest watch for review. Here’s my review of the Bolido Watch an explanation of how I completely fell in love with it.

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Bolido is a new company founded by two watch designers, Simon Husslein & Pierre Nobs. These guys were also behind the Ventura and Braun watches. Bolido made a Kickstarter which was a huge success, eventually garnering over more than 287 backers that pledged CHF 146,949 ( $149,763.07)

A few words from the company and their creators. 

The Bólido concept

We therefore chose to manufacture the Bólido case employing automatic lathing machines; in contrast to traditional case production, this so-called ‘décolletage’ is highly competitive and there is ample capacity for it in Switzerland.

‘Intelligent design’

It did not bother us that this method leaves very little room for fancy design, however! On the contrary, Bólido was intended to be bold and out of step. Adding a second rotative axis not only tilts the face of the watch to facilitate time-reading in situations like car-driving, etc., it also increases the case height at the top of the dial to allow the integration of a large winding crown in an unusual but well protected position.

Lathing also facilitates the implementation of yet another feature of the Bólido design:

The Bólido monocoque case construction

With it, the movement with its dial and hands is inserted into the case from the top. This unusual construction eliminates a third of the parts, including the case back and gasket – what is not there cannot leak and costs nothing! This kind of systematic exploration of production-specific properties has allowed us to build the Bólido entirely in Switzerland economically and with the same high quality that applies to famous luxury brands.

The heart of the Bólido: the self-winding mechanical movement

The movement is supplied to us by a leading manufacturer and is hand-assembled by highly skilled craftsmen and women. The cost of such a movement relates to two main factors:

  • Accuracy of adjustment in several position-angles
  • The finishing of the parts: enhancing the precision by reducing tolerances to broaden the range of adjustability; the beauty of such finishing is a welcome side effect.

We do not cut corners in either of these two areas. On the contrary: the Bólido movements are built to our exacting specifications of regulation in 5 positions (instead of the usual 3), and the meticulous finishing is underscored by Geneva stripes and engine-turned decoration.

The dial face

The dial and hands match Bólido’s functionality; we spent a significant amount of time searching for the best readability from different angles, distances and in varying light conditions. We finally chose the simplicity of a generic instrument scale, because reinventing the wheel will not make it better; SuperLuminova plots on the dial and hands enable reading in darkness.

Band and folding buckle

The band is cast with natural latex-based rubber; it is highly resistant to saltwater, hence its popularity amongst professional divers. It only requires a rinse with soap once in a while to keep it looking like new, even after many years. The strap can be worn with either surface, -smooth or structured-, on top.
A quality watch is recognisable by its buckle, but even luxury brands often charge extra for an elaborate folding buckle with a safety clasp as is used for Bólido.

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To start, the most noticeable thing that anyone looks for while getting a watch is the design.  I am really impressed by the unique and different design language approached by Bolido Watch.

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It’s definitely not your every day looking watch.But because of that, it is not a design that everyone will like. From my personal experience, I think only a select group of people will fully appreciate the unique design of the watch.

Sure, it’s not perfect, but it is still really good. I am amazed at how the company managed to create such a stunning design by keeping everything so basic and minimalistic.  And my readers know I am a sucker for minimalist design language.

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The design of the watch is hard to explain.  On one side it looks really clean and appears to be mechanically simple. While on the other side it kind of feels like it belongs in the world of Blade Runner. The retro-futurism look is all over it, and I love that. What really impressed me is how the watch’s design managed to fit in the world of Cyberpunk without getting too funky and weird.

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The Rubber strap used on the watch is also really nice but honestly, I am not a huge fan of it.   This is mainly because of how physically irritating it can be due to a rough coating on the inside of the band that makes it kind of uncomfortable to wear.

Perhaps only a few people will purchase the watch.  But still, I am extremely impressed by the cyberpunk/minimalist design combined with phenomenal build quality that the watch has.

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Bottom Line – I love the design of the watch. I really think it was a bold move by the company to go with a unique and unusual design for their first watch, and I am happy that the risk paid off.


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I will not make it difficult for you guys. If you are looking for a luxury watch and you don’t want to spend a ton of money, then you should go with the Bolido Watch, as it can be used on multiple occasions. The design is nice, the price is quite affordable and reasonable. The company support is really good too. The only reason not to buy this watch would be its brand value.  Because Bolido is pretty new to watchmaking and a lot of people don’t know about it the brand power is a bit lacking.

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Note –  A Review Unit Was provided by the company 

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