5 Simple & Fun Tycoon Games That Everyone Should Play

There’s something special about being able to fully control the game and build your empire the way you want. Control your studio, Add new things, Reach the new height of success and it all possible in Tycoon games. Tycoon Games still remains my favorite gaming genre and today we are counting down 5 best of them.

Game Dev Tycoon

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What is it like to start with a few thousand dollars and end up in an office full of people producing multi-million gaming hits? This game lets you find out and makes it worth your while. – LEVEL (Czech Republic)

 This game is very cool! Maybe she is not that diverse, but you can get pleasure from it. For a small company like greenheart games is a very good game. – Maskerser

If you liked Game Dev Story, you’re probably going to like this one. It’s not a huge evolution from that game, but still adds it’s own vision and depth to the concept. – Vandal

Planet Coaster

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Although Planet Coaster belongs to a niche genre, it is a well-crafted product that we hope will keep being polished. Despite imperfections that certainly affect the experience, its achievements and potential are worthy of admiration and it is a game worth playing. – LevelUp
With its incredible level of customization, Planet Coaster is the pinnacle of theme park management games, however, be warned that this depth comes with a vicious learning curve. – The Digital Fix
It’s an absolute blast to build attractions and customize each park’s look from the ground up, and the game consistently keeps things fun and light. It’s hard to shake a feeling of utter satisfaction when one grabs a first-person seat and rides through a freshly built coaster, or watches as a series of triggers make a giant leviathan pop out of a lake every time guests walk near it. – Game Rant

Youtubers Life

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Youtubers Life is a good managing game focused on a wired profession. All the mechanics are implemented with knowledge of the argument and the care for details is evident. It’s a shame that, after a few hours, everything becomes a little bit boring. Only the most perseverant can aspire to become a real web star. – Eurogamer Italy
Sympathetic and fun. – IGN Spain
Youtubers Life is cool and fun, but it’s not the revolution of tycoon games. – Multiplayer.it

Prison Architect

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Prison Warden is what will offer me some longevity in this game, since I can mess around with how the wardens affect the gameplay, and how each map runs differently. I get bored easily, and I will say that I found myself unchallenged after I got the hang of things. Prison Warden can help with that. – PlayStation LifeStyle
Prison Architect is a fantastic strategy sim which highlights both the difficulty of running a prison and keeping a lot of prisoners happy. – God is a Geek
Prison Architect is a full-on sim that will eat your time. If you fancy a dark look inside the running of a prison, look no further. – VideoGamer

 Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

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The simplistic visuals and sound design of Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop!? may make the game seem aimed at a younger audience. Make no mistake, though, the gameplay has plenty of depth and complexity. – Twinfinite
It’s an interesting and different managerial game, bestowed with an unexpected humor. Give it a try if you’re looking for something beyond the average experience. – Everyeye.it
If there was more of a challenge like deadlines, random events having more of an effect, and generally broadening the range of difficulty through different aspects to give it more of a challenge, it could be a spud-tacular game. – CGMagazine
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