Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris: First Impressions

Curse of Osiris is the only thing I have played today, and I must say that so far I am a little impressed, not blown away, just a little impressed. One of the things that worry me the most is the longevity that this particular expansion presents for the game. I am not entirely sure whether or not that with the current material (or the upcoming material) that Bungie has presented us with will be enough to sustain the try hard Destiny community all the way up until the war mind expansion releases in the spring. Bungee has offered us many new things with the curse of Osiris expansion with the most important of those been several quality of life improvements that guardians have been hankering for since early October.


I personally feel as though Bungie is on the right track but there are some things that need to be adjusted. There may have been a little bit too much focus on aesthetics and not enough on actual gameplay. Also the re-skinning of weapons has gotten old and I for one am tired of it. There are far too many people working at Bungie including people from other companies such as vicarious visions for the same weapon frames to be thrown at us over and over again with new colorways. Alongside the rescanning of weapons, there have also been some areas that we have seen before in strikes and campaign missions reused as well. I won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t played it yet, but if you have play destiny in any capacity since it’s a release be prepared to see one or two areas reused in the new campaign.


I have been an avid Destiny player since 2014 so I have been there and stuck with Destiny through it all. Through the lulls in content, the glitches in raids, and the loot caves,I have been there. So I feel a little bit cheated when it comes to the story of Osiris. His character was just not what I expected him to be. In Destiny one, many of us went through what was known as the trials of Osiris which was a difficult endgame activity for hardcore players.


Osiris was presented to us as a powerful character who was shrouded in mystery with only one conduit to who he actually was and that conduit was Brother Vance. Dealing with brother Vance every weekend and trying to go flawless in the trials of Osiris, there was a certain amount of hype built around who Osiris would actually be once we finally met him.


Now in Destiny one, there were several times Osiris was mentioned in the grimoire, but nothing is the same as when you actually meet a character in person. Bungie Did a great job in introducing Oryx to us after shrouding him in the same type of mystery that they did Osiris after we defeated his son Crota in a raid. So I was personally a little disappointed when I finally got to see the guardian who has been hailed in Destiny lore as the most powerful warlock to ever receive the Traveler’s light and there not be much to him besides a nifty multi shadow clone jutsu that persisted throughout time (I must admit this is actually pretty freakin cool). Hopefully there is more planned with his character in the future but as of right now I am personally a tad bit disappointed in how they presented Osiris to the fans who have been waiting to see him in all of his awesomeness for the past two years. Let us know in the comments what you think.

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