Xenoblade Chronicles 2: First Impressions

Let’s talk about the wonderfulness that is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I bought the game on it’s release date and I had a very hard time putting it down ever since then. It is one of the best RPG games I have played this year and I hope that anyone who has a Nintendo Switch would consider buying it too… but only if you have a lot of time on your hands to be sucked into the wonderful universe of Xenoblade Chronicles, because sucking you in is exactly what is going to happen.


This is the first JRPG that I have played in quite some time and I must say I am extremely impressed with everything and from the quest line to the battle mechanics, the game is almost perfect. One of the only things that I somewhat dislike about the game is the voice acting. I know that may seem like a weird thing to gripe about but it’s so noticeable that I just have to say something about it.


I’m not sure if this game was affected by the strike that was happening over the past year with the voice actors guild, but whatever was happening even a small child could tell that the voice acting in XBC2 was subpar. With that being said literally everything else about the game is phenomenal.


The main character Rex is everything that you love to see in a main character in a JRPG and his sidekick Pyra is voice of reasoning behind Rex’s actions which assists in providing the perfect dynamic between the two.


There are many intricate systems with which a player will have to learn in order to fully understand the game, but once you do everything begins to come full circle and the real fun begins. My first impressions of this game are absolutely phenomenal and I would suggest that anyone who loves a good grindy RPG pick game up, but be careful because once you do, I can guarantee you it will be extremely hard to put down. Let us know how you feel about Xenoblade Chronicles 2 down below in the comments.

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