Should Cuphead Have DLC?

Cuphead is a fantastic game but after you beat it, is there a lot of replay value? I absolutely love the Cuphead and I think that even with it’s overextended development cycle is a fantastic game and is one of the best Indie projects I have seen in quite some time. With that being said, I would absolutely love to have a reason to come back to the game. After beating it and even unlocking a more difficult level of play, I would rather have some downloadable content rather than going through the same story and a more difficult level.


Now most games like Cuphead do not have the same potential that Cuphead has and I feel as though Cuphead will not be able to reach said potential if there isn’t some form of downloadable content introduced. Too often we see in the titles played, beaten, and tossed to the side, but I, for one, do not want that for Cuphead.


The original story for the game was written so well and was so magnificently fleshed out that a play on that same story or a completely new one would be absolutely welcome in the form of downloadable content and I feel as though all fans of the game would gladly receive this.


I’m not sure if the developers of the game are currently thinking the same thing and are just keeping it under wraps (because we all know how secretive video game devs can be) but this game is just far too good to just be tossed aside after one play through. I for one would gladly pay 10, 15, or even $20 for a sizable DLC pack.

Am I being too optimistic? Or would you guys like to see this as well? Feel free to comment down below and let us know what you think.

#Should Cuphead Have DLC?