4 Huge Iconic Video Games That Were Created By Mistake

You know every great thing does not have a background of ambition, passion, hard-work and all. Sometimes Accidents can actually make great things. Remember How Chip Cookies were made by total accident? Slinky? Potato Chips? Pacemaker. All the things I mentioned are created mainly because of some accidents and this thing applies to gaming industry too. We compiled 4 games for you that are totally created by accidents.

Grand Theft Auto

This awesome game was mindblowing when it first came out. You could walk around killing people…. AND drive cars. WOW. Micromachines was a fun game but this is like micromachines where you can get out and blow up a cop car with a rocket launcher. The radio stations were the awesome homemade stuff that you got until Vice City came along.  – Peteypoo

This game was the beginning for a great saga, I had been expended several hours in this game on my childhood. For the one who didn’t play this game yet, believe me, you have to! – pablojz


This is the “Rosemary’s Baby” of video games, a video-offspring of demonic potential…the best multi-player game of 2000, bar none. – Game Revolution
Exciting, fun, addictive – Counter-Strike is an awesome game, but I’d recommend buying Half-Life Game of the Year Edition then simply downloading CS rather than purchasing this more limited release. – GamerWeb PC
A heart-pounding, visceral experience that gets under your skin. The “just one more round” addiction factor is very high. When you play it properly, with team work that clicks like a well-oiled machine, the game offers a sense of accomplishment and comradery that is simply amazing. – Computer Games Magazine

Metal Gear 1987

Metal Gear is worth a visit if you’re a fan of the Solid series, as you can see where the series got its start. For fans of microcomputer systems this is also worth a look as it’s a game that really makes impressive use of the hardware, by coming up with a game concept that really is like no other for the time – Gaming History 101

With the series now known as much for its cinematics as its gameplay, there’s something refreshing about Metal Gear. Made at a time when computers were incapable of dazzling our eyes with Hollywood-style cut-scenes, Kojima’s 1987 debut presents his design ideas in their purest form – Denofgeek

Conker’s Bad Fur Day

It’s a brilliantly bizarre, insanely fun 3D-platformer extraordinaire, and a wonderfully ironic swan song for the N64. – GamePro
You will almost never get tired of playing Conker, as there are few tedious spots in the game. BFD terrifically spoofs such movies as “The Matrix,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “A Clockwork Orange,” “The Untouchables,” “Alien,” “Star Wars,” “Dr. Strangelove,” and more. – Nintendojo
Quite possibly is the best N64 game ever. Forget “Golden Eye,” “Perfect Dark,” and “Zelda”…they don’t even compare to Conker’s. – GameShark
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#4 Huge Iconic Video Games That Were Created By Mistake