Daily Archive: December 5, 2017

Let’s talk about the National Committee for Games Policy


The “National Committee for Games Policy” is such an official sounding title for such a vague organization. I’ve been following this group’s interactions with the public since they started making waves a week… Continue reading

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: First Impressions


Let’s talk about the wonderfulness that is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I bought the game on it’s release date and I had a very hard time putting it down ever since then. It is… Continue reading

Should Cuphead Have DLC?


Cuphead is a fantastic game but after you beat it, is there a lot of replay value? I absolutely love the Cuphead and I think that even with it’s overextended development cycle is… Continue reading

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – 3 Wookie Warriors Dominate on Theed


Having played the battlefront 2 beta, I can safely say that lots of balancing was done since then for many of the reinforcement units, namely the enforcers.  The flame troopers seemed to be… Continue reading

6 Worst Video Games Openings That Are Painful To Playthrough


First impressions are extremely important, and these game intros are the equivalent of throwing up on your new boss’ cat. Have another game that opens terribly? Would you rather shoot enemies in the… Continue reading

4 Huge Iconic Video Games That Were Created By Mistake


You know every great thing does not have a background of ambition, passion, hard-work and all. Sometimes Accidents can actually make great things. Remember How Chip Cookies were made by total accident? Slinky?… Continue reading