Pokemon – A Wild Ho-Oh has appeared!

Attention all Pokémon Go Trainers: the legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh has finally arrived and the community could not be more excited. Trainers have been waiting for this legendary Pokémon to release for quite some time as its counterpart Lugia I was released quite some time ago at Pokémon go fest in Chicago back in July.

ho oh

The release of Ho-Oh has been a particularly refreshing release from the negativity going on in the gaming community right now with loot boxes, micro transactions, and devs cheating its player base out of XP gains in an effort to influence them to spend more real life currency on their games.


Ho-Oh is one of the final Pokémon from gen 2 that the community has been waiting to be released. One of the things that excites the community so much is that there is no need to wait on a randomized EX raid pass In order to gain access to a Ho-Oh raid. This is a wonderful development as statistically Ho-Oh I is the second strongest Pokémon in Pokémon go right underneath Mewtwo. Ho-Oh was released to us as a reward for capturing 3 billion Pokémon in a matter of five days which is a feat that is amazing and also let the world know that Pokémon go is nowhere near dead and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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#Pokemon – A Wild Ho-Oh has appeared!