Destiny 2 – Bungie may have finally figured it out!

Heads up Guardians! Today has been a BIG day for Destiny 2 as Bungie released a blog with a plethora of information regarding what we as Guardians are to expect from the game in the upcoming weeks. For the past couple of weeks Destiny 2 and Bungie  have been under fire as the community have been accusing them of cheating players out of XP gains amongst other things, but today Bungie cleared up all of that with the blog post and shed a TON of light on the situation and let us know exactly what we can expect going forward (which is quite frankly something that those involved in the destiny community hardly ever get from Bungie).


There were quite a few things that stood out in Bungie’s blog post today but there were some things that stood out for more than others like the addition of the Masterwork weapon. Let’s give a little context about what a master work weapon is. They are weapons that will have a few advantages over the baseline legendary weapon and will add different effects to your legendary weapons by doing things such as tracking and displaying the number of kills that you have accumulated with that weapon whether it is inside the crucible or during PVE activities. Masterwork weapons will also be able to do things such as generating orbs for you and your allies upon multi kills and will add weapon stat bonuses that are selected randomly from a small pool that can be re-rolled (sounds like we may be getting pre Taken King Banshee back! Fingers crossed!). There are quite a few other things that Masterwork weapons can do that are very exciting and hype-worthy.


One of the other things that Bungie has decided to address with this new update is not only the state of weapons in the game and how they are used, but also the way we view aesthetics on our armor in the game. Bungie has decided to add new armor ornaments (similar to those seen in destiny one) to each faction including Vanguard and crucible, trials of the nine, and raid armor (which also includes armor from the raid lair).


As we all know, Curse of Osiris will be releasing next week on December 5 but some of the changes that Bungie plan to make won’t be seen in the game right away and can expect them as soon as December 12 with a few of the changes arriving after the new year. How does the blog post that bungee put up today make you feel? Does this new post help make you understand some of the things that bungee is trying to do a little bit better? Does it make you want to come back to Destiny to if you are a lapsed player? Let us know in the comments.

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#Destiny 2 – Bungie may have finally figured it out!