5 of my Favorite Pokemon Games Growing Up

Pokémon was easily the best series I’ve played growing up. The battle system was perfect, the adventures were timeless, and capturing my favorite pocket monsters and testing out their strengths and weaknesses was the apex of my childhood. Now obviously (as is the case for most of you I’m sure) Pokémon Red, Yellow, & Blue are amongst the very top of all of the Pokémon games I’ve ever played which makes them exempt from this list as they are too great. So let’s do a rundown of 5 of my favorite Pokémon games from my childhood.

Pokemon Fire Red

fire red

Once again, the Pokemon crew create a game that works extremely well for the handheld market. It doesn’t have quite the same variety as “Ruby/Sapphire,” but it’s still incredibly satisfying. –IGN
The quality of the game remains and it’s an essential purchase for those who are new to Pokemon but we can’t help feeling the update is a little on the cheap side. [NGC] –Games Radar
I haven’t had any desire to catch ’em all for damn near five years now, but this remake lured me back into the critter-collecting biz. – Electronic Gaming Monthly

 Pokemon Black


The fact that Game Freak dared to remove all the old pokémons from the main story line and replace them with 156 new ones is only one of the reasons for the series feeling fresher than ever. Pokémon Black and White is the most entertaining game yet, and is a must-buy for all Nintendo DS owners. –Eurogamer Sweden
The new battle system and the big new Poké-world feel great. There are a lot of new Pokémon to collect and train. You’ve got to get used to some of them. Poké-Fans shouldn’t miss the new Black and White editions. –Videogameszone.de
Of course there’s a lot that’s the same. Of course there is. But with a great many small and well-placed innovations, a vivacious, inventive new cast and the biggest cosmetic makeover the series has ever seen, Pokémon Black and White makes it all feel new again. It reminds you what there was to love about Pokémon in the first place – and perhaps we all needed reminding. –Eurogamer

Pokemon Diamond


Easily one of the greatest titles on the DS…Between exploring the massive towns, wandering through the multi-tiered wastelands, and challenging legions of trainers, you’ll enjoy a lengthy adventure that no other DS game can boast. –Thunderbolt
These are the best games in the series by a considerable margin, and should provide you with entertainment for weeks to come, especially if you’re planning on playing “Pokémon Battle Revolution” for the Nintendo Wii. –GameSpy
The additions and alterations aren’t game changing, and Diamond and Pearl do what the Pokémon franchise has always done best–deliver an accessible and highly addictive role-playing game experience. –GameSpot

 Pokemon Stadium 2

Pokemon Stadium 2

One of the most rounded and comprehensive packages you’re ever likely to see, something that makes it worthy of recommendation to all discerning Pokefans out there. –Games Radar
Pokémon fans can’t go wrong with Stadium 2. You can work out your home-grown Pokémon in N64 color, and the Transfer Pak enables you to play any Game Boy Pokémon game on a big screen. –GamePro
The Pokemon Academy section of the game was brilliant, and the mini-games are a lot more fun. What it boils down to is this: Did you play through Gold or Silver? Did you enjoy battling? If so, you will love this game. If you did not, pass. –IGN

Pokemon Ruby


Intensively addictive. The battles are lightning-fast, the controls are completely stress-free, and there’s still something primordially fun about filling up those Pokédex pages. –GamePro
I’ve uncovered a marvelous new gaming world that I love immersing myself in and now my nephew and I can talk with equal zest about our various Poké accomplishments. –Thunderbolt
Sadly I must say even the gameplay is starting to be outdated, yet it is still by many standards one of the best formulas for a videogame on the market today. –Nintendophiles
What you say? Let us know what were your favorite Pokemon games.
#5 of my Favorite Pokemon Games Growing Up