Daily Archive: December 1, 2017

Star Wars Battlefront II – Lando may have a mediocre blaster, but he slaps them into next week with his ult


I still maintain my belief that Lando’s primary blaster isn’t a very good ranged hero weapon, definitely one of the weaker ones.  It is a bit more versatile though, and that scope is… Continue reading

5 Wonderful Games with Absolutely Horrendous AI


We live in a time where robots are everywhere. Some of them are pretty smart, while others struggle to do the simplest of tasks. This also applies to the world of video games,… Continue reading

Destiny 2 – Bungie may have finally figured it out!


Heads up Guardians! Today has been a BIG day for Destiny 2 as Bungie released a blog with a plethora of information regarding what we as Guardians are to expect from the game… Continue reading

5 of my Favorite Pokemon Games Growing Up


Pokémon was easily the best series I’ve played growing up. The battle system was perfect, the adventures were timeless, and capturing my favorite pocket monsters and testing out their strengths and weaknesses was… Continue reading

Pokemon – A Wild Ho-Oh has appeared!


Attention all Pokémon Go Trainers: the legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh has finally arrived and the community could not be more excited. Trainers have been waiting for this legendary Pokémon to release for quite some… Continue reading