EA – The Worst Gaming Company In America AGAIN! Here’s Why

All feels right with the world again, in a strange way. Having flown under the radar the past few years it’s easy to forget that EA was once voted “worst company in America” for two years straight. The last four years, until now, have seen the company make no major missteps that stick in peoples’ minds long term. Oh sure, they published a lot of games, many of which people hated or couldn’t care less about (Mass Effect: Andromeda springs to mind) but overall they were flying under everyone’s radar, with occasional short-lived blips that were quickly forgotten.

But now, EA is once again catching flak for every move they make, every statement they release, and everything is back to business as usual. Most recently is the double whammy of the company making a statement to the effect that their pay to win scheme for Battlefront 2 was somehow to make the game more lore friendly, citing
“pink Darth Vaders” as an example of a thing nobody wanted, and therefore character customization was off the table. So, naturally, the pay to win elements were necessary, a logic that only makes sense to game publisher executives who start from the mindset that nowadays a game must have microtransactions as a non-negotiable feature of the game. Amusingly, now that the pay to win elements are currently offline and on track to be removed or severely downplayed, it seems they are implementing character customization options after all. Naturally, people are displeased by this blatant contradiction of a statement they just made, keeping the EA hate train rolling right along with no end in sight.


EA is on track to once again be peoples’ least favorite company. They may even take the title of worst company in America again.


Hopefully the outrage continues for a while yet, and hopefully, the pressure stays on EA to not make any big moves like Battlefront 2 was for a while. Even more, hopefully this will put pressure on other developers to be better to their customer for their own sakes if nothing else. Outrage after outrage can’t be good for business, and lost goodwill is extremely hard to regain.


For all the outrage against EA right now, we can’t forget they aren’t alone in this. Other publishers are just looking for the chance to do “right” where EA failed. Activision, Warner Brothers, and Ubisoft, in particular, are likely just waiting to pounce on the first opportunity they see.

The way this story has been developing has been fascinating to watch, though. Real investigations into lootboxes, a most likely fake regulatory committee (don’t worry we’ll be getting to them sometime soon), gamers more vigilant than ever before against publishers’ tricks…I think we have some turbulent times ahead of us for the games industry, and I’m very curious to see what the landscape will look like on the other side.

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#EA – The Worst Gaming Company In America AGAIN! Here’s Why