7 Best Dinosaur Games You Need To Play

When I watched Jurassic Park I knew that I want to be Dinosaur specialist. But Things didn’t go quite the way. Unfortunately, there is no real Jurrasic Park and that thing still sucks. But good thing is that games do have Dinosaurs and today we are counting down the best of the best games you should play that have Dinosaurs in it.


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Thanks, Ubisoft Montreal, for getting this right on the first try, because this is undoubtedly the only time it will be fresh and exciting. Still, the degree of creativity and a load of ideas on display really demonstrates which ways you can treat your source material inventively via spin-offs or DLCs. I really could get used to that. – Eurogamer Germany
It´s a poor man’s Far Cry 3 without the stunning vistas and cut mechanics, but it´s also a fun homage to the 80s and Action Hero movies, all while delivering a nice and straightforward shooter. – Meristation
Like wandering through a theme park dedicated to the excess of 80s blockbuster entertainment, Blood Dragon takes Far Cry’s proven gameplay formula and adds humor, a new coat of paint and a script free from qualms of narrative dissonance. – The Digital Fix


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Graphically, Dino Crisis 2 boasts some of the best work the old PS will ever have to offer, with great CG flowing near seamlessly into the action the player controls. – GamePro
Dino Crisis 2 serves up plenty of heart-thumping mayhem, awesome graphics and sound, and enough dinosaur bloodlust to keep even the most experienced dino hunters on their toes. – Happy Puppy
I must say that Dino Crisis 2 is the most pleasing new experience in this whole Survival Genre yet. – PSX Nation


As a first release and a re-launch of the Turok franchise, the team should be proud; the action moves at a good clip, it looks great, the sci-fi clichés make us comfortable, and it’s fun. – Armchair Empire
Even with a weak script, Turok’s flexible play mechanics, strong level designs, and high production values make the story mode alone worth the price of admission. [Jan 2008, p.49] – Play Magazine
Turok is a solid enough shooter that won’t wow you the way triple-A titles like “Call of Duty 4” or “Bioshock” will. [Mar 2008, p.85] – GamePro


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All in all, Skylanders: Imaginators offers a ton of content, regardless of how many accessories players choose to purchase. At its worst, the title can sometimes exemplify the greediest excesses of the toys-to-life craze, but long-time fans will still find plenty to offer, as well. Toys-to-life fans and those who love creating custom characters will find a lot to enjoy, but newcomers on a fixed budget may want to look elsewhere. – Nintendojo
The recurring hitches and long load times combined with the subpar graphics make this entry a poor one for Nintendo fans. – NintendoWorldReport


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Combines elements of countless classic games and adds three years’ worth of great ideas to create something that in our opinion betters Nintendo’s best attempts. – TotalGames.net
The game’s gorgeous graphical presentation makes for a pleasant experience that eases the moments when excessively polished design bogs gameplay down. – Gamer’s Pulse
Hard-core gamers might find the gameplay too forgiving and simplistic, but everyone else will be delighted to discover a land of beautiful graphics, intuitive and entertaining gameplay, and plenty of cool characters. – G4 TV


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If you’ve ever dreamed of being a cosmonaut, of starting with practically nothing and amassing a fortune, of becoming a notorious space pirate, or had any other of the countless sci-fi fantasies out there, this is probably the game for you. Now, those fantasies might not play out exactly as you’d have hoped in No Man’s Sky, but this is a game that begs those who put in the time to come back just once more and see what lies just over the horizon. If this game is right for you, you won’t be able to put the controller down. – PlayStation LifeStyle
Even if a hundred or more hours from now No Man’s Sky wears out its welcome, I’ll be grateful and still somewhat awestruck by what a tiny team of developers rejiggering decades-old design ideas managed to pull off. – Time
Ultimately, the way you play No Man’s Sky is going to have as much of an impact on how much you enjoy it as the quality of the game itself. Hello Games has talked about this being a ‘chill’ game and has questioned whether it should have made heading to the centre of the universe an objective at all since it distracts from the more fulfilling approach of simply being and existing in this world. If the old adage that the journey rather than the destination is what has worth holds true for you then you should find much to admire. – games(TM)

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LEGO Jurassic World is a fun, wild romp through the Jurassic Park films that not only lives up to their legacy and the expectations of fans but also those of Tt Games’ LEGO franchise as a whole. – CGMagazine
I’m convinced you don’t have to be the world’s biggest fan of the series to enjoy Lego Jurassic World, though it certainly helps. I’d actually bet that people who have dismissed the second and third films as nothing more than cash grabs will gain a new-found appreciation for the movies after playing the Lego-themed campaigns. – Toronto Sun
LEGO Jurassic World could have been a lazy, bungled game that had just been made to lift the success of the movie. Thankfully that is not the case. The open world is a mess, but the LEGO-charm makes up for a lot of that. – Gamer.nl
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#7 Best Dinosaur Games You Need To Play