More than 17.5 Million Concurrent Users Online on Steam!

Valve has to be the happiest publisher in gaming today, they get all the cash and none of the backlash. That’s a nice comfy position to be in. Sure, they host servers and make decisions that still get the backlash from the community but when you consider the cut they make in every game’s sale. It’s a very lucrative place to be.


And now they have a reason to be even happier. They have smashed their own record of concurrent users online with Saturday’s statistics showing that 17.5 Million logged into steam at the same time with nearly half of them in-game and not just using the steam client.


That’s 2.5 Million more than a couple of months ago with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds keeping it’s place, leading the chart with concurrent players.

We don’t know where this trend is headed, if it will peak even more or if it will decline but recent trend points to Steam hitting even higher highs in the coming months with Christmas right around the corner.

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#More than 17.5 Million Concurrent Users Online on Steam!