6 Surprisingly Amazing Indie Games That Blew Everyone Away In 2017

Indie games have always brought a different perspective and a kind of homey feeling to the video game universe.Ever since the days of Aegis Wing on Xbox 360, I have been somewhat enamored by the quality of indie games so much so that I became an indie developer myself. 2017 has had quite the selection of games to add to the indie genre, some of which being amongst the best games I have played this year so let’s do a quick rundown of the best indie games that were released this year.


An epic and broad story, music that makes hearts beat and a loving artistic aspect. Those are Rime’s foundations, a true masterpiece that everyone should try. When you get inside this world of puzzles and perils, nothing is going to detach you from the screen, because RiME catches you. –SomosXbox
Rime feels like a game that honestly believes itself to be a masterpiece, but it falls a tad short of that lofty goal. It needs to tighten up its pacing, polish its controls, ease up on the tutorials and maybe add a few more puzzles for good measure. While it’s not perfect, most of its issues would be fixed with some minor tweaking. It’s still a gorgeous, fun, engrossing and powerful experience. From beginning to end, Rime is something incredibly special. –XBLA Fans
An elegiac odyssey to come back home. The last videogame from Tequila Works is an excellent example of a graphic and playable mastery with great cultural references. Journey, yes, Ico, of course; but above all, RiME. –Generación Xbox

Night in The Woods

While slow in patches when it deviates from its core strengths, or occasionally fiddly in its mini-games, the game is buoyed by its dialogue, warm and charming art style, and Holowka’s soundtrack, which keeps even the occasionally clunky platforming from feeling too tedious. –Guardian
Its ability to swerve from the amusing hijinks of its vibrant heroes into very real, and very serious subject matter without feeling forced or unnatural was a pleasant surprise that kept me invested in its character drama long after I’d said goodbye to Possum Springs for the first time. But just like Mae, I know I’ll be back soon. –IGN

Nidhogg 2

It’s easy to suggest Nidhogg 2 on its own merits. It has expanded on the wonderful mechanics of the original and has one of the best soundtracks in recent memory. There isn’t much content here for the solo player, but if you’ve got friends coming over for some friendly competition, the night would not be complete without Nidhogg 2. –Destructoid
Nidhogg 2 is a brutally bizarre tug of war with swords, an attractive grim spectacle of steel and blood that just so happens to be one of the most addictive experiences of the year. It’s a bigger take on the magnificent original game, while avoiding feature bloat as it retains its simple charm with its ghastly and delightful new art direction. –Critical Hit
Though it doesn’t add much for players looking to play around with its improvements solo, Nidhogg 2 adds layers of depth to a simple formula without breaking what made it so appealing in the first place. The new weapons and maneuvers blend seamlessly into fights, making them more dynamic and tense. Its single-player offerings may be paper-thin, but for anyone looking to test themselves against their friends, Nidhogg 2 is hard to beat. –Game Informer



If you’re the type of person who derives joy from angrily banging your head into a boss over and over until you can perfectly defeat it in the most glorious 90 seconds you will ever experience, then Cuphead is the total package. The tight gameplay, accompanied by an incredibly well-realized aesthetic, makes for a truly unforgettable gameplay experience. –Giant Bomb
Cuphead is a rare case where the long development cycle didn’t ruin the final product. This game matches its incredible look with stellar game play. In the sea of games releasing this year Cuphead stands tall as one of the best. There is little reason to skip this gem, it even comes with an outstanding value price and plenty of replay. Don’t sleep on Cuphead. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to listen to the soundtrack one more time.-ZTGD
The animation alone is nearly worth the price of admission, but if you want imaginative bosses to fight as well, you’re in luck with Cuphead. Just make sure you’re prepared to die – a lot. –Wccftech

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is not only what I’d say is the best game so far this year, it also very well may be the best metroidvania title out there right now, and it is easily one of my favorite games of all-time. Truly a masterpiece of gaming if there ever was one, and certainly art worthy of being in a museum. – Destructoid
A brilliant and beautiful metroidvania, whose sole problem resides in the scarce number of save points and fast travel zones. We do understand that it’s a design choice, volutarily made to increase the tension while exploring and to emphasize discovery, but it makes the usual backtracking of the genre a little overwhelming. – Multiplayer.it
Simply one of the best metroidvania games in years. With its beautiful art style, well crafted gameplay and huge game world to explore, Hollow Knight offers amazing value for your money. – PC Games
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