6 Popular Dead Gaming Franchise That Came Back To Life

If you are still an OG gamer that played almost every game released in the 90s then you probably know how many gaming franchises have been killed since then. Either it is because of bad sequels, audience retention, sales figure, publishers decision. It’s hard for a series to get back on feet after getting bad responses on previous games BUT there are some exceptions and today we are counting down best gaming franchise comebacks.



A great turn-based strategy game surpassing not only its blood-related predecessors but step-brothers and step-sisters of the Advance Wars series as well. Fire Emblem: Awakening is the new benchmark of the genre that is practically uncriticizable. At the moment on Nintendo 3DS there is not a better alternative. – Games.cz
Do yourselves a favor and buy this one. And if you don’t have a 3DS, get one in a bundle. Then show it all your friends and colleagues so that they proceed to do the same as you. This way, and no disrespect to Fire Emblem, maybe Intelligent Systems can procure the resources to produce a Game of Thrones spin-off I keep dreaming about. – Eurogamer Germany
From a gameplay experience, this feels like a greatly refined version of the last few titles, with a boost in presentation to push the franchise even further. 3DS owners will be doing themselves a favor by picking this up. – Gaming Age


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Whether you’re negotiating platforms (made simple thanks to a camera that pans down) or involved in the final climatic battle with Metroid Prime, you always feel as if you’re at one with the game. And surely that’s what gaming’s all about, isn’t it? – Gamestyle
A true gaming masterpiece. It is the type of game that reminds you why it was you first started playing games and manages to keep you both enthralled and amused from start to finish. – Gamers Europe
A shining example of how a classic video game series can be vividly reborn. While taking an enormous amount of liberties with the original concept, it manages to zero-in on the spirit of the Metroid series and hit a resounding bull’s-eye. – GameCritics


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Wolfenstein 3D changed how we looked at first person games in 1992 and The New Order, while not as big of a step, may be just as important of one for the future of the genre. – DarkStation
While the story never reaches the level of Bioshock or Portal 2, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a great experience both narratively and gameplay-wise, and has way more heart than it has any right to. – Hooked Gamers
To put it briefly: The New Order deserves a sequel. And to make sure this dream comes true, I can do only one thing: convince you to buy the new Wolfenstein game. Perhaps great trailers boosted expectations too high, perhaps fanatical Return to Castle Wolfenstein players won’t be as amazed, as I am, but I’m sure of this: all FPS fans will have a great time and after finishing the game they’ll want more. – GRYOnline.pl


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With its flowing, open approach to mission structure, thoroughly engrossing story and gorgeous visuals, this is the kind of game that all others should strive to be. While there are some elements that don’t feel quite as developed as they should have been, and augmentation is more Hobson’s choice than true choice, Human Revolution provides a level of quality that only the most adamant cynic could fail to be impressed by. More importantly, it is everything a fan of Deus Ex could want in a game. – Destructoid
An imperfect, complex and ambitious reminder of what a game can be when it’s unafraid. – Joystiq


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Tomb Raider is a mature experience featuring a young, strong woman who – armed with grit, determination, and intelligence – rescues not only her friends but herself as well. Surely there’s a lesson in that for the rest of us. – NZGamer
But with its excellent controls, engaging heroine, thrilling combat, and fascinating setting, it doesn’t need to. Lara may be covering some previously charted territory here, but Tomb Raider is so well-crafted, you won’t mind at all. – GameSpot
Lara’s origin story is a terrific, action-packed experience with stunning visuals that sadly has not much to do with her previous adventures. Yet the puzzle physics are cool, the exploration of the island is rewarding and the much-improved combat is easily one of the biggest steps forward for the series – too bad there is sometimes too much of it. – PC Games


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There were no doubts that Doom would play fast, look stunning, or be gory; the surprise is that Doom is as relevant, smart and self-aware as it is; merging old ideas with new ones; injecting its near-flawless shooter mechanics into a campaign that’s impeccably refined, hilariously dumb and fiendishly moreish. – Telegraph
Combat may become a little tedious after long stretches of play, the load times are a little lengthy, multiplayer is a smudge unbalanced, and SnapMap is a so-so addition, but the adrenaline-fueled gameplay and the ample replayability featured within the campaign makes this a standout entry in the FPS genre – let alone a worthwhile resurrection of DOOM. – Game Rant
The multiplayer aside, the true appeal to the game remains in the single-player campaign, which is how it was and should be with a DOOM title. – ActionTrip
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#6 Popular Dead Gaming Franchise That Came Back To Life