5 Of The Best Games Dreamcast Had To Offer

Remember the Dreamcast? Remember the cool memory card that had the pixelated versions of the main character of whatever game you were playing running around on that little 1-inch screen? Well so do I and despite its short-lived run, the Dreamcast gave us some of the best games of the early 2000’s. Dreamcast broke the mold and stepped into territories of video games that shaped many of the games we play today. Dreamcast introduced us to franchises such as NBA 2k and Soul Calibur which were games that all but revolutionized how we view their respective genres even today. So let’s take some time today and pay homage to the best and last home console that Sega graced us with by discussing 5 of the games that made the Dreamcast the console that we all grew up loving.

Dino Crisisdino crisis

A decent job of reskinning the old PlayStation version with new Dreamcast graphics, the game is still dark and moody, with the action well spaced out between the tense situations. –Hot Games

Both games are directly targeted at the budget level, and are steals for gamers that have never owned the PlayStation versions, or just never had the chance to really get into either one. -Game Fan

Dino Crisis is essentially “Resident Evil” with dirty great lizards instead of rotting zombies, it’s still atmospheric and cinematic and it’s still a bloody good survival horror romp. –Games Radar

Jet Set Radio


Even after all those years Jet Set Radio is still superb, thanks to the impressive and timeless design of its graphics, sound and game mechanics. –Eurogamer Spain

The artistic aspects of the game are timeless, and I’d recommend the game without batting an eye to anyone that’s interested in quirky games or unique visual design. People that just want a fun game though, that’s trickier. By all means play it if you missed it the first time around, just understand that the value is in theme and presentation rather than timeless gameplay. –Machinima

Soul Calibur

soul calibur

Without a doubt the best looking fighting game ever, with nuances like muscle rippling, facial expressions of pain, fear, and anger, and caustic lighting effects that dazzle the eyes. – GamePro

The graphics, particularly the character models and animation, are stunning. The fighting is both strategic and intense, fun to watch and fun to play. –Planet Dreamcast
“Soul Calibur” revolutionizes (3D Fighting) with amazing graphics, intriguing characters and an incredibly smooth 60 frame per second game engine. –Cincinnati Enquirer

Marvel vs Capcom 2


Of all the incarnations of the versus series, never before have I had so much fun, said “WHOA!” so many times per match, and been so frustrated as to which characters to pick. –Gaming Age
Granted, the horrible pseudo-jazz background music is the equivalent of forced aural sodomy, but the rest of the package is so well put together, a little forced aural sodomy sometimes seems a small price to pay. –Core Magazine
Thankfully, Capcom, the king of coin-op fighters, seems to have few reservations about taking what are essentially change magnets and bringing them home intact for the low, low price of $49.99 (or roughly 100 plays). –Happy Puppy

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2


 More game play, more parks, more sounds and more options than you can shake a stick at – Tony Hawk’s just got better. –Games Radar

Once you get the controls down, you’re in for the greatest board meetings of your life. –Hot Games
THPS2 takes the original game, pulls it into the garage, and puts the whole supercharger extras package on, and peels out to you. The skateboarding experience punches up 2-3 notches to a game that is definitely worthy of your attention.
-Dreamcast HQ
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#5 Of The Best Games Dreamcast Had To Offer