Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: The Ultra Letdowns

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have both been out for exactly one week today and so far the reviews for the game have been underwhelming. Nintendo presented the community with an unprecedented amount of hype all to let us down in the end. They lied to us about what to expect from the game by telling us that what we were going to get from this new installment was a continuation of the previous Pokémon Sun and Moon games but that is not what we got at all.

All day we got was a painfully striking resemblance to the game that we all played last year in Pokémon Sun and Moon. The new entry seemingly has no new content and the very little new content that Nintendo did decide to add into the new installments aren’t even accessible to players until they have played through a gruesome 10 plus hours gameplay that is mostly deja vu.

The little bit of content that they did add to this game is just not worth it. I mean what is even a battle tree style type of endgame activity that allows you to rent Pokémon? I just don’t understand the direction in which Nintendo was going with this entry into franchise especially when they marketed it as an entirely new game with a whole new adventure.

Pokemon Utra.png

Now I suppose there are a couple of things that some people could look forward to like new mega evolutions of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s respective legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala, but overall the new installments into the franchise just don’t give players the incentive to pour in hundreds of hours into catching all of the Pokémon and experiencing all of the content that this game has to offer.

If they were going to actually make Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon a continuation of the games that we played from last year they could have just released it as a $15 DLC and called it a day.


I personally feel like most players in the Pokémon community would have been accepting of a model that introduced these new elements as downloadable content for 15 or $20 rather than making us pay an entire $40 or more for a game that we have already played. Tell me what you guys think below in the comments.

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