Fortnite: How I Feel About This Video Game

Early access games are given the early access tag for a reason; they’re buggy as hell, work in progress, weird little things.  To give final impressions for such games is dangerous, unreasonable, and irresponsible.  But currently, I can safely say I like the game a whole lot.  The gameplay is extra fun due to just how much you can do with it, not even mentioning the wide rotation, revamping, and introduction of new gameplay mechanics Epic does almost every month.  The concept is fairly enjoyable, nothing special there.  But the content is brimming with opportunity, creativity, and an overarching sense of fun.  There’s a crap-ton of said content as well, and more importantly, they just keep on adding it in at a furious rate.  Overall I have hope for the game’s future, and I think that I’m going to have lots of fun with it for many more months to come.  Keep your eyes open for some Battle Royale gameplay, that’s coming soon.  Thanks very much for watching!

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#Fortnite: How I Feel About This Video Game