8 Best FPS Video Games Released In The Year 2017

We Get it! FPS is fun and amazing and this is why we decided to countdown 8 of the best FPS game released in 2017. And Oh Boy 2017 is one of the best years of FPS gaming. If you are a huge fan of FPS games then you are in a treat, my sir. From Far Distant future to back in WWII we listed down the best of the best FPS games of 2017



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Robo Recall is an almost perfect VR arcade experience. The only downside is that the cost of entry for Oculus Rift and Touch – even with a new lower price of £598 – is still too high for many, when you include the cost of the PC needed to run it. But that’s not the game’s fault. – Guardian
The fight against the robots is not as intense as Superhot VR – but the highscore hunt is catered remarkably well to suit VR needs and a technical masterpiece with accurate roomscale tracking. Content is limited, though. – 4Players.de
Robo Recall is an excellent demonstration of what a VR shooter can be on Oculus Touch. Thanks to highly physical action and tons of options for smashing a bunch of great-looking robots with both magically replenishing guns and your bare hands, the three available maps feel like plenty. – IGN


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Prey is a highly sophisticated game with respect to its gameplay, level design and narrative. Although its graphical and artificial intelligence problems are easy to notice, we’ve had a great sci-fi experience. – Atomix
Prey is a highly sophisticated game with respect to its gameplay, level design and narrative. Although its graphical and artificial intelligence problems are easy to notice, we’ve had a great sci-fi experience. – Atomix
In the end Prey ends up being much more than a mosaic: thanks to its narrative and to the mobility of a gameplay that constantly evolves over over twenty hours of the main adventure, the game leaves a trace that ends up being unique. – Everyeye.it


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Call of Duty: WWII is a return to form for the series and it’s clear that Sledgehammer didn’t cut corners conceiving it. There’s nothing revolutionary here, but it’s about as tight as a shooter can get and offers up several notable new features while remaining an admirable tribute to the greatest generation. – Hardcore Gamer
If you buy Call of Duty games every year, there’s no reason to pass on WWII, which is a quality installment in the long-running franchise. The single-player portion was surprisingly good, but with the exception of the new War mode, the multiplayer was not to my liking. The developers wanted the multiplayer to be more rapidly paced, but it lacks balance because the Airborne division is incredibly overpowered. The Nazi Zombies mode is fun, as always. WWII is a good break from the science-fiction mechanics of the past few releases in the series, and it’s a worthwhile purchase since you’re bound to sink dozens of hours into it. – Worth Playing


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Though it is held back by a severe lack of social options and PC-specific sandbox tuning, Destiny 2 on PC looks and feels like the best version of one of the best games of 2017. – GamingTrend
Destiny 2 is clearly better on PC with improved visuals and a much sleeker gameplay when you aim with a mouse, the only drawback being that you need quite a tough PC if you really want to push the graphics to the max. – JeuxActu
Destiny 2 on PC makes you feel as though the series really always belonged on the computer. The extra level of detail in each nook and cranny, the fluid, fast-paced and incredibly accurate movement thanks to the control set-up coupled with high framerates, and the support Destiny 2 has for multiple GPU and monitor setups really drive home that Bungie and Vicarious Vision made Destiny 2 its own on PC. – GameSpace


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This is an extraordinary gaming experience. Somewhere between shooter, stealth, sleuth, sci-fi technology and psychological horror The Farm 51 relinquishes conventions. Imagine a party where The Matrix, Inception and Total Recall celebrate with Layers of Fear, Metal Gear Solid and Alan Wake. Sounds weird? Yes. And then some. – 4Players.de
Get Even is one of the most atmospheric games I have played. The music and sound effects do a remarkable job in setting the tone and the story proceeds nicely as your detective skills and memories build the narrative. It is primarily built around exploration and discovery, but does it in a way that is wonderfully entertaining. The combat elements work well, and the sleuthing and stealth all combine to make the game a fulfilling experience, one that has you sitting on the edge of your seat until you reach the conclusion. – Hooked Gamers

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus


It’s a game about killing Nazis, and reveling in that violence. It’s part righteous fury, part joy in the face of madness, and part dope-ass first-person shooter. To put it simply, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is a lot. – Cheat Code Central
Even and without the absence of a multiplayer mode, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is a great FPS that offers a fantastic, deep and really well told story. If you love the genre you should not miss it. – Atomix
Terror Billy is back and it is time for a revolution! Once again we hunt nazi’s and it had never been as much fun as now. We get a story with humor and dark elements and the gameplay is a smooth but challenging ride. This is a must buy. – XGN

Resident Evil 7

resident evil 7

I really don’t have any gripes with Resident Evil 7. The story hooked me, it’s beautiful to look at, and the gameplay is new and refreshing with sprinkles of homage to franchise signatures… whats not to like? – Gaming Age
Resident Evil 7 changes direction from previous games. It goes back to its survival horror foundations: puzzle solving, exploration and avoiding enemies instead of confronting them. It feels great even for newcomers. And it is also the best game anyone can try on PSVR. – Hobby Consolas 
Capcom has finally done it. It put Resident Evil back on the map as a survival horror force to be reckoned with. At times unbelievably scary, Resident Evil VII is a relentless first person roller coaster ride that brings the goosebumps and washes the bad taste left by previous entries in the series out of your mouth. – PSX-Sense.nl



LawBreakers is an interesting mix of Tribes: Ascend and Overwatch. If you are tired of Blizzard’s online shooter, you definitely need to try it. – PlayGround.ru
Lawbreakers is a fresh new FPS with some room for improvement, but so far it’s a neat experience. For the price of 30,- euro’s you’ll have hours and hours of fun. – XGN
While LawBreakers isn’t the most popular game on Steam right now, it’s not something you should ignore. For FPS fans clamouring for something new and innovative, you have finally got what you’ve been asking for. If you are looking for a game with a high skill-ceiling that tries to bring new ideas to the table, definitely consider picking up LawBreakers. – Wccftech
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#8 Best FPS Video Games Released In The Year 2017