4 Massive Video Games Where You Are The BAD GUY

A video game with a good hero is always fine, but what about the games where you get to actually play as the villain? Being a villain is actually pretty rewarding in a different more unconventional way because you get to see a video game from a perspective where you normally don’t get to see it. So let’s do a quick rundown of four of the best video games where you get to be the villain and spread your evil essence all throughout the game.

God of War

god of war

God of War III is an exhilarating tale, and one which showcases just what a good development team can do with some predictable mechanics. Most of the other games that exist in the genre have been blasted if not into obscurity, then certainly into irrelevance. Although God of War III remains unapologetically a hack ‘n’ slash title, just about everything has been improved, tweaked, expanded, polished, and refined. –HellBored

Both an amazing technological achievement and an exuberant gaming experience, God of War III deserves a place in your game collection. If you’ve been asking yourself what the Playstation 3 is really capable of and thought Uncharted 2 was as good as it gets, wait until you pop this bad boy in your PS3. –GameFocus

It takes everything that made the previous game so awesome and refines it. It continues the story, but it makes the effort to give more meaning to Kratos’s journey and its eventual ending. It takes the previous established combat mechanics and makes them faster, tighter, and more fun than ever. –Thunderbolt



It’s just a great game tying to be even better. In some cases it works, in other cases it doesn’t. But, ultimately, if the idea of playing a superior version of one of the best games of all time appeals to you (and why wouldn’t it?) then this is a more than worthy excuse for a double-dip. –X-ONE Magazine UK
It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time visiting Los Santos or if you’re thinking of booking a return flight, we give GTA V our highest recommendation. This is simply a marvelous game. –Pure Xbox
Grand Theft Auto 5 on the new platforms is a great comeback for the already impressive game. The first-person view mode, the enhanced visuals, and the many different smaller alterations transform the game into an even better experience. However, lingering problems with the gameplay and a few visual issues keep it from achieving perfection.     –Softpedia

 Twisted Metal


Twisted Metal is back with its chaotic and amazing multiplayer. Unfortunately, the single-player campaign is pretty boring and from a technical standpoint the game feels a bit “old”. Still, if you want a brutally fun online experience, this is the game for you. –SpazioGames

The best vehicle combat game available today, pure fun and extreme vandalism. It is a bit tough to get engaged by the game, but soon you will become addicted to its excellent and anarchic mechanics. –Vandal

It loses points for having a dull single player mode, but if it is viewed as your training ground for the multiplayer it starts to make more sense. The multiplayer is so fast paced and convincingly pulled off it is a blast to play, even with the controls being a tad hard to get used to. –NZGamer

Mafia III

mafia 3

If you approach Mafia III as an interactive journey, then you probably won’t have any issue with it overall. If you’re looking for a fully fleshed out title akin to GTA, then Mafia III could come off as a shallow release…I’m somewhere in the middle, but leaning more toward the former. The story and visuals are easily the strength of the game, and the gameplay isn’t flawed or repetitive enough to kill the vibe. –Forbes

An enthralling open-world crime drama tarnished only by a few largely inoffensive bugs, Mafia 3 succeeds in delivering an involving story with great shooting and stealth gameplay. Repetitive missions and a lack of polish mar the experience, but you’ll still have a ton of fun playing Mafia 3. –Xbox Achievements

Mafia III is a missed opportunity to put an important time in American history in the spotlight, and ends up being one of the most lifeless and one-note open-world experiences I’ve come across. You can see the potential for a great game here, but it sticks to safe and simple gameplay and storytelling conventions, and ends up being a bloody bore. –Game Informer

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#4 Massive Video Games Where You Are The BAD GUY