Minister of Justice slams loot boxes; says they are gambling!

The Minister of Justice of Belgium – Koen Geens has announced that the Gaming Commission’s investigation on loot boxes has reached the conclusion that is in fact gambling and not only wants to ban the system in Belgium but take it one step further and ban the mechanic which he calls ‘dangerous’ for children across Europe!


Last week the Gaming Commission of Belgium had announced it will be investigating both Overwatch and Battlefront II for the loot box systems. This comes amidst controversy surrounding Battlefront II’s pay 2 win model which has received massive backlash from the customers and press alike.


According to the story released by VTM News “Mixing gambling and gaming, especially at a young age, is dangerous for the mental health of the child,” Koens said and it’s easy to agree with that idea. While I am not sure I agree entirely about the comparison between loot boxes to proper gambling, it can be considered somewhat of a ‘gateway’ experience which cultivates addictive behavior in children.


While it may not be a ‘law’ yet, this will surely make the developers and publishers think twice before introducing the flawed and controversial system in future games.

What do you guys? Are you happy with the system getting a good shakedown? Do you think it’s a bit of overreaction? Tell us in the comments!

#Minister of Justice slams loot boxes; says they are gambling!