Is Star Wars Battlefront II Story Any Impressive?

I jump into Star Wars Battlefront II and see if the campaign grabs me enough to warrant a purchase! Star Wars Battlefront II brings with it amazing visuals and a much-awaited single-player campaign that shares the story of Iden Versio. A member of the Empire’s Special Forces Unite dubbed ‘The Inferno Squad’.

Amidst the controversy with microtransactions that got EA so much heat that Disney told them to pull it out of the game entirely, the singleplayer mode could be the saving grace this game needs. We find out if the story delivers or if the beauty is only skin deep as far as Star Wars Battlefront II is concerned.

First Impressions is a series where I (usually) take a new game that’s just released I haven’t played yet and give it a go for around 30 minutes to show off its gameplay. It can also double as a review.

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#Is Star Wars Battlefront II Story Any Impressive?