A Quick Chat with Game Director of ‘The Untold Legacy’

Kickstarter is an amazing launching pad for indie games that have something truly special. The challenge, however, is getting seen as much as it is having something unique to show when it comes to the crowdfunding game. This is exactly why we wanted to reach out to the developers of ‘The Untold Legacy’, a beautiful indie game on Kickstarter and ask them about the experience. Matt Vile, Game Director of ‘The Untold Legacy’ sits down for a chat with us.


Thanks for joining us, Matt! We loved what we’ve seen of ‘The Untold Legacy’, it’s easy to see why it lists Zelda games as an inspiration, what other titles inspired you to create the game?

That’s a great question! We have had multiple influences ranging from games to movies and I’m sure I will forget some but these are the ones that come to mind. The Zelda Series (Majoras Mask, Ocarina Of Time, Link Between Worlds & Link To The Past are our Primary ones), Radiant Historia, Luigi’s Mansion, Crosscode, Titan Souls, Dark Souls, DragonBall Z, Babadook & Terminator just to name some from the top of my head. There are so many great things that are released every year so I’m sure I may have forgotten some.


With the Kickstarter winding down, do you guys have a Plan B IF Kickstarter doesn’t come through?

Yes, we do. If things do not go as planned I’m planning to submit our game to the Square Enix Collective in January when submissions open up. Then we intend to follow that up with a crowdfunding launch in March and accompany that with a demo.


The Untold Legacy has a ‘growth’ system that sounds fantastic on paper, but will the growth be connected to the primary storyline or can the protagonist ‘grow’ while exploring the world?

The protagonist will continually grow and evolve as the player is actively fighting, exploring and helping people within the game world. It will happen if you’re following the story or if you’re just doing side quests. It’s completely up to the player.


Crowdfunding is a popular business in itself, what made you opt for the Kickstarter model and not its competitors like Indiegogo, etc.

We decided to go with Kickstarter for a couple of reasons. The first one was because Kickstarter is arguably the most popular crowdfunding platform available. We figured it would have the greatest amount of traffic and would bring the most people to our game. We also knew some people who worked at Kickstarter and thought it may be beneficial to go that route since they could help guide us to a successful campaign. Either way all the available ones had their own pros and cons, but this just seemed like the best option for now.


If your Kickstarter is successful, what do you feel is the biggest hurdle in your way?

Our biggest hurdle from the start has always been financing. I have self-funded the project from the start and if we are a success then our biggest hurdle should be taken care of. But besides that, I think our next biggest hurdle would be to find a nice balance between all the games cool features and the gameplay.


How big a team is working on Untold Legacy? Who all is involved and what do they do?

We have 6 developers currently working on this game.

Matt Vile (Me): Game director, writer, art & animation.

Adham Jabar: Programmer

Alex Yan: Programmer

Daniele Zandara: Musician & Sound Designer

Matt Porter: Writer, Marketing, PR

Lawrence Bonera: Writer

That was a very enlightening chat and we hope we get to play ‘The Untold Legacy’ someday very soon!


You can check out and support ‘The Untold Legacy’ on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1214305480/the-untold-legacy

What do you guys think? Have you supported indie titles on Kickstarter? Do you have any worries about doing so? Tell us in the comments!

#A Quick Chat with Game Director of ‘The Untold Legacy’