5 Beautiful Video Games That You Can Complete In Sitting

We all like massive video games filled with 100s of side quests and extra missions that keep the game’s world alive. After all, we all play video games to lose ourselves in the best world possible. But sometimes heavy combat, massive world, huge storyline and tons of side quest just don’t work out. I am talking about games that are made to be finished in just one sitting. Those games that want you to adore the beautiful story they crafted and enjoy every single moment of the game in short period of time. We listed some games that are best played in one sitting



It’s easy to overlook a lot of what makes Brothers unique at first glance, its unassuming style belies a title with a lot more on its mind. But stick with it and you’ll be rewarded with something really quite special. – D+PAD Magazine
This is a breakthrough in what interactivity can accomplish with little aid from more traditional storytelling mechanics – its resulting importance to this medium is no exaggeration. – GamingTrend
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a true marriage of gameplay and narrative, and it is frankly a complete triumph. – DarkZero


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The power of The Unfinished Swan – not unlike a Terry Gilliam film, coincidentally – lies in its engagement with our imagination, in its ability to remind us of that capacity for whimsy and fantasy. If your life could use a little less logic and a little more fascination, The Unfinished Swan should not be missed. – Joystiq
The Unfinished Swan is a fairy tale told beautifully through the cooperative effort of the game’s graphics, sound, and intuitive gameplay. Polished beyond belief, its hard to believe that this Picasso is going to a PSN price. – Playstation Universe
A beautiful, intense but short surprise. A great experience anybody interested in games should buy, taking into account that its opening sequence feels way better than the rest of the gameplay and that most players will only go through the story once, that is 4-5 hours tops. – Vandal


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With a defined beginning, four distinct seasonal environments and an affecting, surprising conclusion, there’s no question that Proteus is a game. But if there’s one concern, it’s whether this is an island that’s worth revisiting once you’ve seen all it has to offer. In a way, its lack of progression – the absence of skill trees, difficulty levels and save points – works in its favor; you won’t dive back in to mop up the last few achievements, or to climb leaderboards, but simply because you want to play Proteus. – Edge Magazine
Proteus is beautiful, a beautiful thing. And it makes me happy – happy because it is so intrinsically interesting and emotional; happy because we live in an age in which things like this can be made and distributed to everyone with a computer. – Guardian
If you look at Dear Esther as a dark audiobook Proteus is like looking at an interactive painting. Taking in every detail in this 8-bit world you realize the emotional power with which visuals and audio can create a poetic artwork. – 4Players.de



The mystery surrounding the disappearances, and the hearts pulled into the gripping narrative are well-thought-out and beautiful, in an eerie way. – Twinfinite
The Chinese Room goes back to its roots of digital storytelling, in a slow-paced sci-fi story delightfully quiet and deep. Probably less original than Dear Esther, but a wonderful and amazing experience nonetheless. – GamesVillage.it 
This game would have been stronger if the world was smaller and more outspoken. But, that is just a minor thing, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture is a great game in which an interesting non-linear story is told in a unique way. Very dreamy. – Gamer.nl


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It’s a gripping, compelling story set in a truly beautiful world that’s worth exploring. Just go in with your expectations clear. This is a relatively short game that’s almost entirely about the story, which consists almost entirely of two people talking over radios to one another. You play a chubby guy in his forties talking to, presumably, a woman of a similar age who you never see. There’s really nothing else like it I can think of, which makes it all the more rewarding…I loved Firewatch, mostly, letdown with the ending notwithstanding. – Forbes
A powerfully distilled story told in a time and place that haunts you with its beauty, its mystery, and restraint. Firewatch takes the time to turn its setting into a character, and it’s one of the most three-dimensional videogame characters you’ll encounter in 2016. – PCGamesN
If you want fast paced action-heavy moments, this isn’t for you. What the game does offer is mystery, intrigue, and beautiful design. The game isn’t very long, but doesn’t need to be anything more as it feels compact, interesting and felt like a movie. – Brash Game
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#5 Beautiful Video Games That You Can Complete In Sitting