Want The Minecraft Graphics Update? Don’t Hold Your Breath!

Mojang, the studio behind the world building smash hit ‘Minecraft’ along with Microsoft announced that the Super Duper Graphics Pack that will bring about a massive overhaul of visuals, as well as Cross-Platform Multiplayer for Switch, are both delayed to 2018!


The Super Duper Graphics pack was is a texture update for Minecraft that changes texture, lighting and many other visual elements. It was announced as part of the ‘Better Together’ update Mojang announced at E3 2017, that would allow players on all platforms to play together.


The pack is aimed at people with High-End PCs and Project Scorpio owners.

The pack is an ambitious project and while the delay to 2018 is not deal breakers for any Minecraft fan, we as gamers always want our snazzy visuals asap!

Sadly, neither Mojang nor Microsoft gave a reason for the delay.

Are you looking forward to the update itself? What about the Graphics upgrade? Does the upgrade take the charm away from Minecraft? Tell us in the comments!

#Want The Minecraft Graphics Update? Don’t Hold Your Breath!