5 Most Horrible Star Wars Video Games Of All Time

Star Wars is HUGE! I mean who doesn’t know about Star Wars? Unless you are living under a rock. As big as the movies go the games based on Star Wars universe seems to never end. Recent EA Star Wars Battlefront 2 controversy inspired me to make a list of 5 absolute horrible Star Wars Video Games that you should probably ignore.


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This game doesn’t actually let you cut anything into lunchmeat except clunky Battle Droids. What fun is that? – Maxim Online
I’m here to set the record straight. Read the following sentence aloud while waiving your hand across your face: “This game is not the atrocity that most would lead me to believe.” – XGP Gaming
This is a game that could’ve been a reason to own an Xbox if LucasArts had tightened up all of the fundamental parts of the game that were lacking. And the sad part is, it would’ve been worth it. That’s how much potential is here. – IGN



Started as a cool idea, but its flashes of quality are too short to sustain long term interest. – GamePro
It’s nothing that we haven’t seen before in some regard, but its variations on the established theme make the experience at least somewhat different from the rest. – GameSpot
Blowing stuff up in Demolition is definitely fun in all its Star Wars glory, but the more you play, the more you’ll notice the imbalance in gameplay. – Game Revolution



The missions are dreadfully too long and feature very little change in gameplay regardless of the settings and craft to control. – IGN
All the laws of the universe are invalid. Flight of the Falcon is a Star Wars title with horrible sound. The standard TIE Fighter howls and laser blasts are all acceptable, but the theme music obliterates any good from those. The problem starts from the beginning, with an atrocious MIDI version of the Star Wars fanfare, and only goes downhill. – Gamenikki
It has some redeeming qualities which are massively out weighed by its shortcomings. If you see this game for $5 it might be worth the effort to pick it up but don’t say I didn’t warn you. – Game Chronicles


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The action in Jedi Destiny suffers from shoddy implementation. Movement is the most glaring problem, which has the camera automatically select targets for you. – Polygon
An incoherent and clumsy compilation, one driven more by brand synergy than any creative imperative. – Eurogamer
It’s been a long time since we’ve had a decent Star Wars game though and this miserable misfire is very much more Attack Of The Clones than it is Empire Strikes Back. – Metro GameCentral

Star Wars Battlefront (2015)


Good visuals. Gets boring quickly once the novelty wears off. It’s really getting frustrating how game companies are shifting over to releasing 1/4 finished games at a full $60 price only to promise a complete game for the purchase of DLCs. Don’t pay them for this mistreatment. Destiny was the ultimate example, only now, after a $60 initial buy in, +2x$20 DLCs + 1x$40 DLC ($140 game total) – yargyyarg
Simplistic fun, a tight little shooter, but all together too chaotic, even the objective modes. I’d place it somewhere between Battlefield and CoD. Although I have seen it lacking the balance of CoD. The basic weapons are largely outclassed by unlocks. – ComradeRifle
Game sounds and looks incredible. thats where my praise ends, the beta was false advertising for a shallow game with nothing to offer. No Campaign, lack of maps, lack of game modes, and painfully slow progression that will make you grind more in than a Free to play game. – Caraboose 
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#5 Most Horrible Star Wars Video Games Of All Time