6 Mediocre Video Games Where You Have To Escape

Run for your life! I personally love the idea of being chased by someone that can kill us instantly. I know it’s weird but I just love the tension of the scenario where you are being chased or hunted. If you are into this stuff then you definitely gonna love these games! The games in the list are not great or perfect by any means but they are fun and most importantly they stick to their premise of being hunted or chased and you the player have to escape. Today we are counting down 6 Mediocre Video Games Where You Have To Escape.


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Thrilling, chilling, with a whole lot of blood spilling. A deeply intense and enjoyable single player game, marred slightly by a lack of multiplayer, clunky combat, and some repetitive gameplay. – Gamer Limit
That single playthrough is an entertaining one, to say the least, which is more than can be said for most movie adaptations. Despite the game’s failed combat system, the overall experience is one that’s faithful to the franchise and well worth playing to any fan of the movies. – TeamXboX
A great game that will grip you to the end but sadly let down by some awkward fights. Fans of the film will not be disappointed. – WonderwallWeb



Every bit the game that Trigger Happy Havoc was, only more refined and paired with a fresh story and features in a longer (but more enjoyable) package. I honestly couldn’t have hoped for a better sequel, and have no idea how Spike Chunsoft is going to top this in Danganronpa 3. – The Vita Lounge
Building off Super Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc’s absurdist murder mystery base, Danganronpa 2 marries the series’ strong crime-solving mechanics with a bizarre, hilarious dayglo nightmare well beyond the craziness of the original. – Gameplanet
It’s a must-play for Visual Novel fans, and those who enjoyed the first year of the deadliest high school ever will find that the return trip is even better. – GameCritics


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It knows where you work, so you can’t run. It knows where you live, so you can’t hide. So open up your room already and say, “Ahhhh!” Or would you rather they do it for you, sissy? – Gaming Target
While not stunningly different, the new combat system, improved controls, and unique pacing in the game make this one fresh and involving. – GameZone
Just be warned when I say it’s violent. It’s insanely violent. There’s blood everywhere. Literally. There’s blood that will make you wonder how it got there. Oh, and corpses, in varying degrees of decay. – Game Chronicles


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Sir, You Are Being Hunted is stock-full of superb dark humor that ties the game firmly to the country of its origin. – Hooked Gamers
Non-linearity is the key feature of Sir, You Are Being Hunted, but your range of clever tricks is limited, even though old buildings are crammed with things. Here, freedom is of a different kind, the one that is rarely seen in other video games – you pay for each of your mistakes. – Riot Pixels
As a stealth game, Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a refreshingly different and unscripted approach with a haunting but still light-hearted atmosphere. – IGN


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I’m awful at playing horror games, and I’m always too scared to make any real progress. Yomawari creates a great atmosphere of tension and terror that rarely relies on cheap scares, and it was the perfect formula to keep me hooked until the end. If you’re looking for a good alternate horror game, look no further. – TheSixthAxis

Don’t let the cuteness fool you, Yomawari: Night Alone is a creepy horror game which will make you jump! The game preys on all the fears you had as a child, with ghosts standing under flickering streetlamps and arms grabbing at you through manhole covers. It’s not particularly long but I’d still recommend people give it a go for the unique atmosphere and interesting story. – The Vita Lounge

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#6 Mediocre Video Games Where You Have To Escape