6 Amazing Underrated JRPGs That You Probably Forgot About

Love JRPGs? Looking for more? Well, Don’t worry cause we compiled a list of 6 amazing JRPGs that you probably forgot about. These games won’t let you down


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You can see that this game is a labor of love, which these days feels all too rare. – Gaming Nexus
A delightful little hack n’ slash rpg despite, or maybe because of, its flaws. – NZGamer
If you’re looking for a PS2 RPG with a unique personality, Odin Sphere’s the game for you. – Digital Entertainment News


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But look no further if you are among the game playing ranks that is looking for a Herculean challenge, a complex and involving story, and tight, responsive gameplay. – Gaming Age
Besides my gaming integrity being slightly scarred by near-impossible obstacles, and I use the word “near” really loosely, I do have to admit that this game is awesome. – IGN
 It’s an addictive, well-rounded game that is balanced, challenging, and, most of all, fun to play. If you’re speedy, on the quick end it’ll take around 40 or so hours to complete. – GameSpot


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No matter how you look at it this game rocks. It offers the action-style of “Wind Waker” with light character & weapon building, world building and a handful of mini-games and quests that make it an RPG experience that PS2 owners shouldn’t pass up. – GameShark
Every element of the game, from the georama system to the weapon upgrading to the interaction with a large cast of characters, displays a polish and attention to quality that you find only in real classics… DC2 could very well be the PlayStation 2’s Zelda. – GameSpot
Dark Cloud 2 has a great story, lots of adventure, unique characters and monsters and Spehda! What’s not to love? This one is a keeper! – Four Fat Chicks



I had just experienced one of the best role-playing games this year…The battle system is great, the characters are awesome, the storyline is among the best of the year, and the presentation is top-notch. – IGN
A rock-solid Role-Playing Game with a moving story, believable characters, and loads of great humor that keep it from dragging you down…Hands-down the definitive role-playing experience for the PlayStation 2. – PSX Nation
It just works; it combines a challenging combat system with likable characters and a unique setting to create a truly excellent game. Covenant is easily a contender for the title of best RPG on the PS2. – Worth Playing


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The Last Remnant has inside much more than looks indicate. We have loved its great combat system of this good JRPG. You only need to have a little patience and play some hours for the game to take off. – Vandal
For those PC gamers who are willing to try out a new style of Japanese Role Playing Game this is a great game to play with its strong mechanics and story. But there will be some gamers who will think the game is too simple because it is a port of a console game and not actually sit down and see how deep and complex the game actually is. If you are unsure about the game just download the demo and give it a solid try and for the rest of the PC Role Playing Gamers out there just go out and buy this great title. – GameFocus



A great refreshing change of pace from your other run of the mill RPGs. It truly is a classic one of the best I strongly urge anyone who doesn’t mind less than stellar gameplay graphics to go out and find a copy. – DarkStation
It is a really pleasurable blend of classic RPG and anime – two things that really do what games do best: Wrap you up in a new world and help you forget the real one for a few hours. – GameZone
You really start to care to what happens to the characters, and although the story is really predictable, there are a couple neat twists. Don’t let the 32-bit graphics fool you, the anime scenes are stupendous. – PSX Extreme
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#6 Amazing Underrated JRPGs That You Probably Forgot About