6 Outstanding Near-Perfect Video Games Made By Bethesda

Bethesda is one of most popular and influential video game companies in the world. Bethesda is known for making outstanding open world games with in-depth side quest structure that keeps players busy for a long long time. But they are also really good at making linear games. Sure, they have messed up many times with things like paid mods and relaunching a game again and again but at the end, Bethesda is an amazing gaming company that makes fantabulous video games. Today we are counting down 6 of the best Video games Developed and Published by Bethesda.


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In terms of RAGEs story, there is a lot of wasted potential in this otherwise brilliant shooter. The same could be said for the technical side of things, as RAGE undoubtedly looks good, but far from brilliant, “thanks” to its multiplatform-roots. Nevertheless: id’s newest IP offers great atmosphere, spot-on gunplay, cool weapons, funny vehicle-combat and solid graphics; that leaves us hoping for Carmack’s promised texture-patch. – Gamers.at
Technically, Rage excels. The shooter mechanics are fantastic and the enemies vary in their tactics. However, the game starts to drag towards the (sudden) end, and the save system irritates. – Gamer.nl
A must-have for both fans of FPS and sandbox games because it succeeds in both genres. An addictive and furiously violent video game that will be breathtaking for every action fan. – 3DJuegos


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Fallout: New Vegas, looks and plays exactly the same as Fallout 3. But the additions that Obsidian have made push the survival angle even further to provide a much more immersive and authentic experience, and just like its predecessor New Vegas proves to be a role-playing masterpiece. – RealGamer
In New Vegas, the fun Fallout 3 formula is intact, with more polished combat, high-quality side missions, and the exciting setting of the Vegas strip. Unfortunately, the bugs also tagged along for the ride. – IGN
Fallout: New Vegas marries the best of Bethesda’s open world tradition with Obsidian’s excellent storytelling, writing and quest design. This is a huge and addictive role-playing game with an enormous amount of content and options for the player. – Gamer.no


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A grim, gorgeous milieu of societal depth and cunning design. That its mechanics slot so naturally into its environment, giving players the freedom and choice to explore, influence and infiltrate means that Dishonored 2 represents the very best gaming has to offer. – Telegraph
Dishonored 2 is the example of a perfect sequel, a game which improves several flaws of the first title bringing to life a memorable experience. Arkane Studios managed to create a masterpiece, especially for whoever loves the stealth genre. – Eurogamer Italy
Dishonored 2 is a pleasure to play… the ability to switch between mystical abilities, firearms or your trusty retractable blade (apparently some people don’t appreciate a folding blade) increases the variety of the game and leads to some very interesting interactions. – Impulsegamer


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Doom manages to challenge the conventions of the first-person shooter genre by going back to its roots. It will have you breathing heavily, cursing in frustration, and screaming in triumph. The multiplayer is a bit of a letdown, but the campaign is absolutely glorious. – The Escapist
It ticks off every item on a list of things a modern Doom should have, including several items you didn’t even know were on the list in the first place. They may not make shooters like this anymore, but the runaway success of this game serves as long overdue proof that they really should. – Giant Bomb
For fans of single-player FPS campaigns DOOM is a juggernaut, and some of the most fun I’ve had in gaming for years. It’s never going to grab you with an engrossing plot of spectacular linear set pieces, but the flawless combat ensures DOOM just never lets up. – Game Debate



The most engrossing, deepest and open-ended videogame you’ll see for a very long time, at times it feels like more then a videogame, something to get completely caught up in and realise that time has no importance when you’re playing it. – Total Video Games
To put it simply, Morrowind is truly a game of epic proportions and will most likely only be finished by the most hardcore of gamers. – GamePen
Shows more planning, talent (aesthetic, programming, and design) and creative vision than anything I’ve played in a very long time. – IGN



Machine also brought the most amazing characters, quality storytelling, and well-paced gameplay to The New Colossus. You’ll want to spend time with these people and discover their fate — sometimes that will warm your heart and sometimes it will break it. – GamesBeat
It’s a game about killing Nazis, and reveling in that violence. It’s part righteous fury, part joy in the face of madness, and part dope-ass first-person shooter. To put it simply, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is a lot. – Cheat Code Central
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is an almost perfect sequel, an “old school” shooter with a terrific narrative and frantic gunfights. – Multiplayer.it


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Prey might not be the prettiest game, but it’s among the most atmospheric. Arkane Studios has proven itself time and time again to be comprised of world-class world builders. Prey is no different. If you’re a fan of Dead Space, Deus Ex, or Bioshock, you simply have to buy this game. – Windows Central
Prey expertly blends a compelling narrative with open level design, a fear-inducing mechanic and near-unparalleled player freedom to deliver an appealing, atmospheric and aesthetically pleasing chunk of sci-fi that will get sink its spiky teeth into you and never let go. – GameSpew
Prey starts strong, then gets better and better as its compelling narrative gradually unfolds, and new terrors stalk the confines of Talos I. A sci-fi survival masterclass, Prey is quite simply sublime. – Xbox Achievements
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#6 Outstanding Near-Perfect Video Games Made By Bethesda