Should You Spend $60 on Need For Speed Payback?

Need For Speed Payback is out and it takes a break from the usual night racing and take a very Forza Horizon approach to an open world with multiple types of races and heists and so on. But is it actually worth your money?

When you think of racing games as a series, NFS is definitely the frontrunner but at the same time, recent NFS titles haven’t really brought the ‘A’ game. Titles like Need for Speed: The Run, Need For Speed and let’s not forget the free to play Need For Speed World have all left a lingering aftertaste in the mouths of gamers and it’s not a good one.


Need For Speed Payback tries to fix this and it’s an admirable effort. The game puts an emphasis on the story but even though it has a cheesy opening and cringe-worthy moments, the story actually feels interesting. At the very least, the story doesn’t hamper the game like it does with The Crew.


In many ways, Need For Speed Payback can be called Forza Horizon 3 Lite. The reason is that all the things you love about the arcade aspect of Forza Horizon series, be it the combo XP points, the skill chains, and radio stations. They are all there in Need For Speed Payback, just in a less ‘hardcore’ way.

Skill chains and combos are more forgiving as they don’t reset to 0 with every slight touch. Drift combos actually last even after smacking the wall or a fellow car while drifting. This makes getting high skill chains going quite easy but sadly, it also takes away that sense of achievement that you get from a massive skill chain in Forza.


The visuals are great and the Las Vegas-inspired map provides you with a beautiful setting as the backdrop, but even there, it isn’t flawless as optimization issues rear their heads and cutscene audio and video not syncing can get annoying from time to time.

Like I mentioned before, Need For Speed Payback is a decent effort. One that sets the series on to the right direction. It’s the prototype that will be mastered in the coming years, the best is (hopefully) yet to come.


So should you buy it? Sadly, the minor annoying aspects like tired cliches that just keep coming, the grinding to get more currency making you race the same races over and over again, the loot boxes that are hidden away but still part of the game all make it an easy decision to wait for a sale or wait for it to show up on Origin Access vault (or EA Access on Xbox). It’s a good game, but not great. And definitely not worth the full price.

#Should You Spend $60 on Need For Speed Payback?