Overwatch Movie Could Be A Reality!

Overwatch is a series that has garnered quite the fanbase. The colorful characters, beautiful visuals and fun gameplay have the hero shooter maintain a solid player base since its release in 2016.



MCV recently caught up with Tim Kilpin, who was brought in this year to head the company’s new Consumer Products Group. Kilpin was very open to the idea of franchises using the ‘Disney’ model of multi-platform branding.

Tim is no stranger to the model as he has spent a considerable time heading up Franchise Management before his move to Blizzard.

“We’re a platform and a portfolio, these franchises exist across multiple platforms, so it’s not just the game as a driver, but it’s linear content [movies and TV] as a way to expand the audience and expand the opportunity and then esports [too], because pull all that together and you’re talking about franchises that are frankly like no other.”


It’s easy to see where Kilpin is coming from with Overwatch having characters that have animated shorts that give them depth and makes the player interested in the backstory, it’s not a big jump into movies.


Blizzard’s last venture into the silver screen proved challenging to say the least as the Warcraft movie had to rely on the Chinese box to bring in the money.

It’s an idea that is quickly becoming a reality with the Call of Duty movie already in the works by Blizzard’s parent company – Activision. We can only hope that the Overwatch movie would avoid the ill fate that awaits movies based on games.

#Overwatch Movie Could Be A Reality!