How Activision Took A Nice Little Shot At EA

There are rivalries in every sector, sports are brimming with them but sometimes, we can see some rivalries crop up in our own industry. When it’s tech, it’s Microsoft vs Apple, when its Phones its iOS vs Android and when it’s gaming publishers? It’s EA vs Activision.

They have never passed up a chance to take a shot at the other, be it snarky remarks or lawsuits but Activision, namely Blizzard has taken the latest shot and it’s one that’s worth some admiration.


StarCraft II went Free to Play this week and the Starcraft Twitter account took a nice little shot that had us nodding, not because we may or may not agree, but for the sheer cheek of it all.

EA has been battling with the heat they’ve gotten off of the Battlefront II microtransactions so much so that they’ve reduced the number of points needed to unlock hero characters by 75% (and they are still not out of the dog house!). Blizzard, who are owned by Activision took a nice little shot there. Not so great to go through if you’re at EA. But like all great rivalries, it’s great to watch for the neutrals!

Watch the Starcraft II Free To Play video that pokes some fun at EA (and microtransactions in general) as well!

What did you think? Does it make you chuckle under you breath or you think it’s a bit of a low blow? Tell us in the comments!