6 Huge Open World Video Games Where You Can Break The Law Without Any Fear

If there’s something common in Open World Video games set in modern time is breaking LAW! And we love that. Of Course, we cannot run over pedestrians in real life or neither we can cut off their head with a Katana. But if you want to do these things (by the way if you really want to cut off someone’s head with katana then you should diagnose yourself) you can do in games. This is why we listed down 6 Video Games Where you can break LAWS without FEAR!


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Yakuza 0 shows how unique Yakuza actually is. Drama and humor come together in a setting filled with violent street fights. We all know the concept, but Yakuza 0 takes it to perfection. – InsideGamer.nl
Yakuza 0 is a specific game that demands to turn a blind eye on some elements, like mediocre graphics, technical shortcomings, long cutscenes and slow story. If we can accept these issues, Yakuza offers a rich world and hours upon hours of gameplay. Seems like the best moment to check out this Japanese fenomen. – Eurogamer Poland
Yakuza 0 is a terrific game, packed with a simple structure but extremely rich in content. The campaign tells a long, deep, violent story, with two charismatic characters and a whole lot of enemies to fight. – Multiplayer.it


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Square Enix and United Front Games pulled Sleeping Dogs from the brink of death, and what surprised me is just how good it turned out to be. – AtomicGamer
The finished game–which only made it to release thanks to a last-minute rescue from Square Enix–won’t be remembered as one of the world’s great open-world crime games. But it will be thought of as a good, solid one that did enough right to be mostly fun from start to finish. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. – Giant Bomb
This game is a very pleasant surprise that’s throwing down the gauntlet to GTA V with its Cantonese oral insult. The game’s story along with plenty of gaming mechanics’ innovation make Sleeping Dogs a truly remarkable and never-ending joyride with no intention to imitate the original at all costs. I’m so sorry Niko, you’ve been great, but at the end of the day, Wei Shen takes it all. – Games.cz


(It’s Not Open World But  You can break Laws in this one without giving a single f**k) 

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What it lacks in new features it makes up for in improving old ones, such as a better experience in the Matrix as well as improved interface options. – IGN
Shadowrun didn’t need a revolution to impress, considering the base game was simple but tactical and well calculated. With Hong Kong, though, the developers went the extra mile, finely creating a great storyline, and an inspired background. We expect more enhancement in the gameplay for future DLCs and expansions, but for now we’re fully satisfied. – SpazioGames
This is a game that transcends its name and should be spoken of in the same breath as the genre’s best. – Hardcore Gamer


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Mafia II has a good plot, rude, violent and with a wonderful narrative. But Mafia II is also a good action where the adventure and the free roaming create the perfect gameplay mix all together with the fast shooting and the realism of the driving sequence. – Multiplayer.it
I walked into my experience of Mafia II with no real expectations other than hearing my colleague’s praise. What I walked away with after playing through the story was a sense of awe and amazement that I haven’t had since Alan Wake. – Game Chronicles
Mafia 2 is a great, story-driven action game which offers great cut scenes and a believable game world. Its characters, graphics, music and sound are outstanding, but it lacks good AI and side missions at the same time. After ten to twelve hours of gameplay you finish the game with no possibility to deal with the game furthermore – compared to other open-world-titles like GTA IV. Anyhow, Mafia 2 is a great old-school-action game, with few faults. – PC Games


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Saints Row The Third surprised the heck out of me. The GTA comparisons are inevitable, but they are vastly different games. While both hold a mirror up to reality, the reflections are vastly different. As absurd as GTA gets, it still keeps one foot firmly planted in reality. Saints Row has taken a flying leap off the roof of reality, howling the F-bomb while chugging a licensed energy drink all the way down… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. – ZTGD
Some teething issues aside, Saints Row: The Third offers up an expertly mixed concoction of hilarity and stupidity that’s arrived just in time for the silly season. – Gameplanet
Saints Row: The Third gives the people what they want and drops us into an open world adult theme park where we can treat ourselves to delightful acts of bloodshed and perversion. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and only asks that you don’t, either. – IGN


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Payday 2 is a Co-Op game. While it might have benefitted with a cool story arc for a single player mode the game offers a great outing with 3 other friends for an experience that will keep having you come back for more. Payday is simply put the improved, polished and closest experience you’ll find to robbing an actual bank. It’s just legal. – Impulsegamer
If you have some friends to play a shooter with, this is a great choice. It’s not perfect but is bigger and better than the previous one, which means even more fun. – Vandal
As it stands right now, Payday 2, while it won’t be for everyone, is a lot of fun. Although the stealth mechanics are basic, there’s enough strategic depth and teamwork required so that stealthing missions can be challenging, and extremely satisfying when successful. – NZGamer

Grand Theft Auto 5


GTA5 does much more than repeat the San Andreas model, introducing many new features in the franchise. From those, the one that adds a whole new dimension to the game is the fact that for the first time we have three main characters instead of one. GTA is the king of controversy… long live the king. – Eurogamer Spain
Rockstar shows one more time how to build a masterpiece. GTA V is not perfect but has everything you’ll ever dream in a sandbox game. San Andreas is gorgeous and full of life, Trevor, Michael and Franklin are a trio full of charisma and the game simply raises the bar in so many aspects you won’t believe that it runs on an eight years old hardware. It’s worth your money, it’s worth you time. – Eurogamer Italy
Marrying gameplay brilliance to compelling characters and a world matched only in size by the number of things you can do in it, Grand Theft Auto V is a masterpiece–one of the greatest games ever made. – Playstation Universe
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#6 Huge Open World Video Games Where You Can Break The Law Without Any Fear