5 Huge Space Exploration Video Games Where You Can Lose Yourself

So You wanted to experience how it feels in Space? Wanted to be an astronaut? Want to encounter different alien species in Space? Well, Worry not! A New technology called “Video Games” can help you immerse yourself in space by using only click. Alright, I tried my best sound like an infomercial guy. Let’s get this straight. You Love Space? If you do then you are gonna definitely enjoy these Space Games.


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If you read up on the planets for fun, enjoy movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Interstellar, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, or Moon, or find the idea of hauling cargo from system to system and maybe getting in the odd fight along the way appealing, there is very little ele out there like Elite Dangerous. I’m highly recommending it despite the tedium in its game play and the long periods of time you will spend just looking at stars/reading stuff on a screen. It is a beautiful, one of a kind experience that I cherish, one of my favourite games in the last few years, and the PlayStation 4 release is no exception. – Destructoid
Elite: Dangerous delivers a deep, fascinating space sim experience, with a tremendous potential but also a very steep learning curve. – Multiplayer.it
It isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you’re looking for instant action or a linear playing experience. That said, with a little patience, and a bit of imagination, Elite Dangerous is an extremely rewarding game that is worth experiencing. – Impulsegamer


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Lone Echo is, therefore, the killer application for Oculus Rift that many were waiting for, as well as one of the few truly Triple-A products for Virtual Reality currently available on the market. – Everyeye.it
Lone Echo strikes an exciting balance between exploration and puzzles that make space seem like a playground for the player. It really nails the relationship between the two main characters and does a great job of telling an interesting, if a bit predictable, story thanks to a unique conversation mechanic and great voice acting. – Destructoid
Lone Echo and Echo Arena are the rare games that demonstrate the true value of VR and hand tracking. Its sense of movement feels great, and it couldn’t exist in any other way. Lone Echo’s well-acted story and interesting environments move at a slow enough pace that you can soak it all in and appreciate the sensation of virtual weightlessness before jumping into the fast, sweaty, competitive action of Echo Arena. The fact that you can experience the multiplayer without even buying it means it’s one of the first things any Oculus Rift owner should download. – IGN


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Crytek’s expertise in crafting visually stunning experiences holds true in Robinson: The Journey. Robin’s tale of survival is the greatest yet on PlayStation VR, even if some control issues keep it from being a perfect experience. – Wccftech
Robinson: The Journey‘s developers have built a world worth exploring, and armed players with all the tools necessary to do so. While I wish the adventure was a little larger or that its price was a little more reasonable, it absolutely delivers on its premise. Thanks to PSVR, I was able to solve puzzles on an alien planet (that looks suspiciously like prehistoric earth) while hanging out with a heartbreakingly adorable baby T-Rex. This is the kind of experience that virtual reality headsets were designed for, and one of the best available showcases for the technology. – GameCritics


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Prey means deep space and deep gameplay. A huge space station hides thousands of game mechanics and dynamics ready to be explored by the solitary player. Its warfare is not infinite nor predestined but makes up part of a bigger picture, a bigger game, where gameplay means much more than gunplay. – IGN Italia
Prey is a highly sophisticated game with respect to its gameplay, level design, and narrative. Although its graphical and artificial intelligence problems are easy to notice, we’ve had a great sci-fi experience. – Atomix
In the end, Prey ends up being much more than a mosaic: thanks to its narrative and to the mobility of a gameplay that constantly evolves over twenty hours of the main adventure, the game leaves a trace that ends up being unique. – Everyeye.it



Homeworld Remastered Collection not only brings two classic games back for longtime fans, it will surely capture a new generation with its unique perspective, brilliant storyline, and engrossing gameplay. – Gameplanet
Homeworld was, at the time, my favorite RTS. With the release of Homeworld Remastered Collection, this game has crawled back into my heart and is now firmly planted there for quite some time to come. – Gaming Age
Playing the remastered Homeworlds is a trip through memory lane. Carried by the original’s fantastic story, the series has been restored to the point that it feels and plays like a brand new game. – Hooked Gamers
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#5 Huge Space Exploration Video Games Where You Can Lose Yourself