5 Fun Superhero Video Games That Every Geek Should Play

Superheroes and Video Games! Possibly the best combo. Justice League is getting released soon and the early reviews seem to be good too. In the excitement of Justice League, we gathered our personal favorite Superhero video games that every geek should play.


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A couple of hiccups, but they don’t stop Spawn: In The Demon’s Hands from being one of the best multiplayer games on the market. – Gaming Age
Think of it as something akin to the original “PowerStone” — but with a hell of a lot more firepower, and an even more sinister setting. – Hot Games
Along with the frenetic gameplay, Spawn: In the Demon’s Hand conjures up a deliciously wicked bevy of visuals for the owner’s viewing pleasure. –  Happy Puppy


Huge, engaging and colorful, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is the best LEGO game to date. Too bad the difficulty level is very low. – IGN Italia
Super heroes assemble for the best entry in the LEGO series to date. TT Games are the best at what they do and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is fantastic fun with masses of replayability – nuff said. – Playstation Universe
The entire Marvel universe is contained in this LEGO-fuelled action adventure and it’s a simple, but highly effective title. If you’ve played previous LEGO games, you’ll know what to expect: a lot of fun for everyone. – PSX-Sense.nl


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inFAMOUS 2 is as solid as the original game if not more-so. Sucker Punch has nailed the superhero formula and created what could be the perfect superhero simulation for any platform. This game is the perfect way to scratch that desire in your imagination to be more than human… – Gaming Nexus
inFAMOUS 2 is another strong example of a super-hero game done right, and serves as a great example that sequels can expand on the original formula without being derivative. – GameFocus
Whether you’re a fan of the first inFAMOUS or new to the series, the amount of gameplay and riveting story should please all. A few small tweaks to the Move controls would go a long way in improving the overall feel of the game but an absolutely fantastic and worthwhile title nonetheless. – Push Square


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As great as the visual package is, the audio package delivers just as well. The voice acting does wonders with the well-written and witty script and the sound effects all feel just perfect. – Into Liquid Sky
If you can overlook the annoying aspect of having to start over and only being able to save at the beginning of a new episode or when you quit the game, you will experience an amazingly hard but also wonderfully fun game. – Four Fat Chicks
The GameCube may still not be the biggest and baddest console on the block, but someone at Nintendo must have been a very good boy to deserve this. – Ferrago


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Of all the incarnations of the versus series, never before have I had so much fun, said “WHOA!” so many times per match, and been so frustrated as to which characters to pick. – Gaming Age
Fast and furious action, great sound and gameplay — it’s the best 2D fighting game ever made. – Hot Games
Granted, the horrible pseudo-jazz background music is the equivalent of forced aural sodomy, but the rest of the package is so well put together, a little forced aural sodomy sometimes seems a small price to pay. – Core Magazine


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There are so many extras, such as collecting new suits, new special powers, and classic comic book covers, that you will play this game for a long time. – PSX Nation
Be warned, some parts will frustrate you to the point of anger, but there’s no shame in infinite continues. – GamePro
It’s a great representation of how to handle a superhero in video game form, and surpasses other lame efforts like “Superman N64” and “Batman Forever” (remember that crap?). – Hot Games

Batman Arkham Knight

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Batman Arkham Knight is the best entry in the series. Rocksteady knows perfectly how to explode the formula established years ago, making amazing additions in terms of gameplay. You must play this game. – Atomix
Arkham Knight is certainly a bigger, and in many ways a better game than its predecessors, but those attempts to make it ‘more badass’ do more harm than good. Even so, any frustrations I have with Arkham Knight don’t take away from the fact that I was unable to stop playing for four days straight, frequently in awe. It’s a stunning achievement in many ways, a game of ridiculous polish and obvious effort, and its best moments are good enough to make the worst moments worth bearing. – Hyper Magazine
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#5 Fun Superhero Video Games That Every Geek Should Play