5 Amazing PlayStation 2 Video Games Sequels

It’s no exaggeration to say the PS2 is one of the best consoles ever made, at least as far as sheer number and quality of exclusive first and second party games. The PS2 wasn’t my first console, nor my last, but it remains my favorite to this day, and its games take up the most shelf space in my home. From mega franchises like Final Fantasy to relative unknowns like Drakengard, the console boasted an enormous number of hidden (and not so hidden) gems. And much like the console itself built off and improved on the success of its predecessor, so did many of its best games come in the form of highly improved sequels. In no particular order, here are some of the best.

Kingdom Hearts 2


Given the title’s wide appeal, featuring numerous characters and scenarios close to the hearts of many, and given how it ties this to simple yet addictive gameplay backed by mostly solid game design, there’s no denying Kingdom Hearts II satisfies in a way few games can. –Gaming Age

Kingdom Hearts II is in many ways superior to its predecessor. Battles are more exciting, the game is much longer, and unlike the original, it allows one to skip the beautifully animated story scenes, saving the player from watching a two-minute introductory sequence to a difficult battle five times in a row. What the sequel lacks is the narrative momentum of the original. –The New York Times

God of War 2


How could God of War II possibly live up to the successes of its predecessor? The answer, my friends, is astonishing, because GoW II completely eclipses its forefather by adding even more of the stuff that we loved, namely: blood, puzzles, cinematic presentation and fifteen minute long combos. –GameSpy

A masterpiece of action gaming. Story, production values, gameplay, … it’s the whole package, and it runs just beautifully on the PS3 too in case you’re interested. Unless you absolutely hate action gamers, you’ll absolutely love God of War II. –Gamers’ Temple 

It doesn’t reinvent the wheel but for some 12 hours we’re seeing tighter, nimbler combat, fantastic level designs, and great gameplay. GOW II is undoubtedly better than its prequel and ultimately one of the best games on any last generation console. – PGNx Media

Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

The multiplayer is just the gravy on the best open-faced turkey sandwich of a game I’ve played in a long time. This is perfection. –G4 TV
With a sublime mix of a humorous storyline, fantastic weaponry, some pure comedy moments, and some amazingly solid platforming sections, there’s very little to criticise in Ratchet and Clank 3. – GamerArchive
Fitting a team-based shooter into a platformer might not seem like a great fit at first, but when taken as a total package, Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal is a truly great game. –GameSpot

Jak 2


I was hooked on the gameplay and the story of Jak II almost immediately and my addiction and love of the game hasn’t subsided weeks later. Jak II is, without question, one of the finest gaming experiences I’ve ever had. –Electric Playground
While some players might not like the drastic change from the original Jak and Daxter, I found it to be very fun and absolutely loved it. –Just RPG 

I have to be honest with you – this is what you own a PlayStation 2 for. –Deeko

Final Fantasy X


It features a game system rich enough to challenge and enthrall any experienced gamer, and Fantasy sublime enough to draw in the most hardened doubter of videogames. – Electric Playground
The most visually impressive role-playing game yet released, with meticulous character models offering dynamic facial expressions and breathtaking cut-scenes seamlessly integrated into gameplay. – All Game Guide

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#5 Amazing PlayStation 2 Video Games Sequels