4 Most Popular Classic SEGA Video Games That You Should Play Before You Die

SEGA is one of the most influential gaming companies of all time. It might not be as popular as it was used to be but it still has a lot of potential as we saw that in Sonic Mania. SEGA delivered some of the most popular video game franchises that we still talk about and today we are gonna countdown my personal favorite SEGA Classics that everyone should play at least once in their life.


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NiGHTS is like the dreams it’s based on: it’s easy to dismiss as silly nonsense, but when you dig deeper into it, you’ll find something beautiful and revelatory. – Official Xbox Magazine
If SEGA can continue to produce re-releases of this quality, then they are on to a winner. NiGHTS is a dream, it plays as you remember and thanks to the HD enhancement, it invokes your best memories of the original. It is complete fan service, possibly not one for newcomers, but certainly for those who enjoyed the experience in 1996. – Gamestyle
Get reacquainted and it’s easy to convince yourself that perhaps NiGHTS is Sonic Team’s real masterpiece. – Eurogamer


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The challenge of this game will bring out the best or the worst in a gamer, a true test of ability and skill. All of this is given to us with a great story, memorable characters, vivid settings, all wrapped up in a presentation that’s second to none. – Thunderbolt
May well be the perfect GameCube title. With its amazingly complex racing model even experienced gamers are in for a substantial learning curve and newcomers to the series will be in for quite a shock. Visually stunning and a total blast to play. – Game Chronicles
No matter how much is going on at any given time, the frame rate is a rock solid 60, and for a game as fast as this that’s a godsend. – Eurogamer


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The new story mode is nothing too serious, although I did have some gripes with the new style of level design, but the new multiplayer modes and upgrades will have anyone coming back for more. – Gamer’s Pulse
The level designs are, quite frankly, ingenious. Featuring curves, ramps, narrow paths, moving platforms, and obstacles of all kinds, the levels are as awe-inspiring as they are frustrating. – Cinescape
The sound and story are nothing special but the gameplay is top notch in both one player and party games. – GameCube Europe


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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is a fantastic game, but you can find it elsewhere for cheaper. This package adds a few things you can’t find in most other Sonic re-releases, such as online play and leaderboards, but those really don’t add much. – IGN
Not quite a stone-cold classic, but close enough to make the low asking price a no-brainer. – Eurogamer
Sonic 3 is a fast and entertaining platformer, although it may be worth considering buying it inside of one of Sega’s larger collections. – PALGN
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#4 Best Classic SEGA Games You Must Play