Amazing Tank Video Games That Lets You Destroy Everything!

Do you like destroying stuff? Do you enjoy obliterating enemy operation base? Do you enjoy ruthlessly killing robots? Well, if you guys like these things then you will definitely enjoy these TANK games down below



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Valkyria Chronicles is a timeless classic, and this exceptional PC port only manages to improve upon it. – Hardcore Gamer
Valkyria Chronicles is a good strategy/RPG that blends different gameplay elements together with an enjoyable outcome. Its story wraps up themes about war, friendship and racism, while its comic-style graphics age well, and its music is memorable. SEGA also delivers a decent port with all previously DLC included. –
Valkyria Chronicles is gorgeous, engrossing, and not for the impatient. In other words, it’s a great fit for PC gamers, who’ll hopefully give the underappreciated Valkyria a wider audience than it found on PS3. – IGN


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The Ground Forces expansion makes War Thunder even bigger than it was already, an MMO F2P that lets you choose the war you want: simulation or arcade, air or ground, challenging or relaxing, competitive or cooperative, free or with fee, PC or PS4. – IGN Italia
While the initial learning curve is daunting, this is one of those games that opens up dramatically the more that you play it, so the time commitment is worthwhile whether you’re a laidback dogfighter or a hardcore simmer. – GameSpot
Thanks to a wider variety of gameplay and game situations, War Thunder won the scepter of the best free-to-play in the skies of World War II. –


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I’m absolutely impressed by every aspect of Battlefield 1. While it’s easy to think that the weapons and machines available to a game based on the first World War might feel like a step back for military shooters, I think you’ll be surprised by how exciting and modern Battlefield 1 still manages to feel. – Gaming Age
DICE takes aim with Battlefield 1 and it ends up being a jackpot. It couldn’t be a better game taking into consideration the limitations imposed due to the game taking place during WWI. It offers some of the best maps ever seen in the franchise. Tons of charisma for a franchise that stands tall against the dictatorship of sci-fi and double jump. – LaPS4
Battlefield 1 is a fantastic game. If you want a shooter that replicates the epic scale of two armies at war, or one that prioritises tactical thought over twitchy trigger fingers, this is the FPS for you. – Telegraph


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If you’re up to its challenges, Steel Beasts offers an accurate, involving, and rewarding simulation of modern tank warfare. – GameSpy
Though Steel Beasts sets new standards as a multiplayer tank sim, it is specifically focused on that area to the exclusion of all others. – Gamezilla!
A no-frills tank sim that has a very solid base but not a great deal in terms of extras or window-dressing. Tank sim fans will find this a pleasing and detailed addition to their collection but anyone who is looking for the latest graphics, frantic shooting or options by the bucketload will not find them here. –


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Unique and confident in its place in the free-to-play world, this team-based MMO is a surefire winner, balancing fun with depth and detail with action. – Gaming Nexus
It might be a little cruel to pick apart World of Tanks like this while it’s still in beta, but is nevertheless charging people for a boxed copy. Still, the game is progressing well and constantly seeing new maps and new tanks added, with a whole slew of French units soon to be released. – Eurogamer
It manages to straddle pure tank simulation and shooter action to produce something that, despite being flawed, remains genuinely fun. – IGN 

COMPANY OF HEROES 2 Image result for company of heroes 2

He who does not sweat through at least a T-shirt in an online game of Company of Heroes 2 has already lost or has a downright frosty soul. – GameStar
It’s a beautiful, gritty and spectacular strategy game, and while it doesn’t do much particularly new, it doesn’t have to. – VideoGamer
But despite some minor misfires, the core gameplay is stronger than ever, and while it may not break the kind of new ground the original did, Company of Heroes 2 is still a terrific RTS with a ton of content that no fan of the genre should miss. – Game Revolution
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#Amazing Tank Video Games That Lets You Destroy Everything!